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How and where do I learn this kind of work?
That's an awful screenshot but you get the idea
File: 1501758960349.png (84 KB, 245x316)
84 KB
Stick to SFM. Either that or just download a bunch of rigged models and animate in maya, or blender in your case since you're clearly autistic
Don't. It's a path away from the light of God (Praise Jesus).
>God have us the possibility of sexual pleasure so we had to constantly fight it, or else be punished
Nice try, Satan.
To use your seed responsibly and breed a woman, not to spill over a degenerate animation. Shit.
File: 1525425475437.png (59 KB, 515x821)
59 KB
imagine actually jacking off to overwatch sfm
99.999% and more of my seed goes to waste whenever I impregnate a woman. What did your god mean by making it be this way?
This. Holy fuck it's so bad and even the "good" ones make the girls look like muppets with lips colored on and teeth glued too far back in their mouths.
How about this?

Download DAZ Studio.
Download a lot of Daz content (pay for it ideally)
Download Blender (it's free)
Learn the DAZ -->Blender workflow. It's like 4 hours top.
Learn the basics of IK rigging, and the basis of animation

Make whatever kind of models you want, and do whatever kind of porn you want, and don't be stuck using a shitty low quality product and shitty low quality models made by losers.
But hey, have fun using SFM tho. It has shit lighting options, shit options for materials, a shit particle system and no fluid support, you can't re-rig models on the fly, and if you ever want to create/import your own models have fun messing around with a fiddly compiler written in a language made for monkeys.
OP here, too much work.
just give a way to automate everything
SFM is still a lot of work. There is no way to automate anything. You animate it keyframe by keyframe. The people who make porn that way spend literal days scrubbing through 10-20 second of animation to get animated properly.
SFM porn is dead .
The only people who still make money off it are the ones with enough time to do crazy shit like hire voice-actors (no rly), create their own models (which you'll never get), or have a literal team of animators doing it.
You're better off starting real porn.
Then, at least you're guaranteed to get paid for your faggotry.
id go for using blender and getting rigged models online. you can find a bit of good ones on smutbase
The reason for blender is cause people mostly upload decent rigged models for blender sooo

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