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Im lazy and fully aware of it but I’d like to know the best photogrammetry apps and or software that I can either download for free or get for “free” that I can use either an iPhone 8 or a mediocre digital camera to “scan” in some basic real life items. Low cost programs and or hardware combos work too.

They don’t need to be the best of quality, just recognizable / somewhat easy to work with.

I’ve tried Zephyr 3D but it doesn’t really seem to work very great. Any ideas / suggestions?
agisoft photoscan

You don't do photogrammetry with a phone. In any case, you take pics with the phone and process it with your pc
Forget phones for this, you need a half-decent DSLR
Colmap is pretty good

and forget about the phone part sure you can take the pictures with it but nothing else.
Aside from knowing how to do scans properly. Agisoft photoscan provides the best toolset. While RealityCapture blows it out of the water with it's dense cloud filtering.
I've been testing RC lately, haven't yet gotten to importing an object with good uv unwrap back to RC to project textures. I've read that earlier you couldn't project on to custom uvs in RC.

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