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File: fuckuautodesk.png (96 KB, 614x1041)
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OK seriously someone explain the logic here, what kind of bullshit is this autodesk?

MOFO why is the akamai app that comes with autodesk spying on me? Why is autodesk always running in the background? Why does it have so many seperate "apps"? Why is it not bundled into one fucking package? Is this company retarded?

Why can I not uninstall through the autodesk app?

There are way more that are not invisible, downloading fucking two programs and bloated the fuck out of my PC.

Explain motherfuckers
Why did 3ds max crash 12 minutes into me using it? It's not the pc, since I run unreal engine and play far cry 5 at highest setting?

Why does this have artificial time added when uninstalling?

Uninstalled 3 other apps and this fucking autodesk isn't even 2%

Seriously what is wrong with this company?
Why did the rest of the stuff not uninstall when I installed the main package?

Opened up maya and seriously wtf is this? Nothing is connected, not a single fucking UI has any flow to any of it.Shit is just randomly spread around like a toddler designed it. Seriously WTF, microsoft can do better job than this. I'll take the metro UI over this garbage UI.

Why did any of you idiots pay for this? Or even have this garbage on your machine.

Gonna stick with zbrush, substance painter/designer and blender. Fucking work smooth as butter, amazing UIs and all of it under $1K.
that's 3ds Max 2018 for you, either get an older version or don't use it
It's more oriented towards the construction/architectural/utilities fields now.
>what are custom installation options?
Max and Maya really went to shit when Autodicks bought them up :(
File: autojoker.jpg (39 KB, 480x360)
39 KB

Arnold is next, motherfuckers.

t. Autodesk
Discreet was always an Autodesk company, just a different brand name. Only the Maya and XSI acquisitions were actual power grabs.

Same deal, Solid Angle consists of Autodesk employees, it is and always was part of AD to some degree.
> Microsoft does better
All that bloat would drive me nuts.
I respect your strong nerves.
>Solid Angle consists of Autodesk employees, it is and always was part of AD to some degree.

Maya is actually better than ever.

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