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File: 6063092204_35aa789673.jpg (49 KB, 465x356)
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Why do you guys argue about which 3d modeling software is better?

Do you not realize that mastering one means, you have already mastered the others?

You do realize that going to Blender to Maya or Maya to Blender, the only thing changing is the UI and thats it.

In two hours you can learn the entire UI and configure the keybinds.

It's more about knowing modelling techniques then what software you use ya idiots.
keeping up with the latest developments in the competing software is part of the vast metagame
That doesn't make sense, Blender cannot even compete.
But then how else would /3/ avoid actually working?
i seen plenty of people here that work with both blender and maya
in the end its all meme
shitting on blender makes you both a better cg artist and a better human being
is this a 3d modeling board or a 3d graphics board? you guys know maya and blender do more things besides modeling (the most pleb 3d function)?
you should back that up by showing us your work
I USED SFM ONCE FOR 20 HOURS AND ITS 20042 % EASIER THAN FUCKING ctrl + i + add local rot slcale xD XD XdD Xd FUCK
File: andrew-price-lounge-whole.jpg (463 KB, 1920x1080)
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463 KB JPG
that me, #fuckblender
Nice color cast, Andrew.
its kinda true, but then again this
>In two hours you can learn the entire UI and configure the keybinds.
is just cringe
5/10 for the effort

>proper white balance is so 2008
>He doesn't even know what 3DCG means
>Calls other plebs
File: 1389789927190.jpg (26 KB, 491x404)
26 KB
definitely one of the most retarded posts ive ever seen on this board
Does it stand for 3d computer... modeling? Because that's all you retards ever talk about.

Just derail the fuck out of all the software threads.
I'd do it, but I don't care enough about /3/ to try to save it.
You can also just hide/sage/report threads.
>implying any of that does anything
Your best bet is probably to just counter the shit threads with good threads.
Start brainstorming for shit to improve the quality of posts here.
Or you can just ignore /3/ only checking in a few times a week, like I think most of us do.

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