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Is clothing photogrammetry efficient compared to having an artist make it in marvelous designer? Look at the blue coat, they hired a European designer who made a costume coat then scanned it which seems expensive.
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Is it cost-effective? Probably not, because you're adding in real world materials that take much longer to prepare. The trade is that they can have an actual fashion designer make clothes for their games.

An artist would probably create a better product, if you've seen many scans then this shit really stands out; they didn't do enough cleanup on it.

In terms of efficiency alone, the best method would be to spend a day scanning everything in a designer's wardrobe instead of getting them to design new clothes.
Or even better, teach an fashion designer how to use Marvelous designer, give him an library of procedural and scanned fabric materials, and an Artist as assistant. Best of both worlds.
If it works, it works. But even an intermediately skilled clothing artist could throw together something equally as good or better in a day or two.

It saddens me that capcom are going in this direction. They used to have the most iconic characters and now everything looks weird or drab.

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