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This has always been a problem to me :

>I have 2 subtools, the whole body and the hands. I want to fuse them.
>Dynamesh is not an option, I dont want to retopo all over again and then project all the details of the whole body
>Merge down the 2 subtools, they have 5 subdivisions levels, I cant delete them because I would need to project the details again and that isnt an option neither
>Cant use Curvebridge brush between the two meshes because "The mesh is composed of multiple subdivision levels"

What can I do? I cant find the solution for this
Use Blender instead, that would be a matter of joining vertices.
:/ Here's what I would do.
Make sure both subtools have the same number of subdivs and then merge them together at the highest subdivision. You should be able to keep your low poly this way.
Duplicate the merged mesh just in case something breaks and then freeze subdivisions. Now you can use zModeler to bridge the arm and the hand. When your done with that, just unfreeze subdivisions and you should get all your detail back with subdivisions intact. The bridged geometry is going to look like ass, though. Just smooth that out afterwards.

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