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What are the best tutorials that will teach me how to make textures with Substance Designer?
I feel like the ones on the official youtube page are the best ones, Wes McDermott knows the programs really well and is also just really good at explaining things clearly. This is particularly nice since you always get up to date videos on new features and how they fit in with everything else from the same guy.
As much as I love Wes McDermott, his substances are pretty ugly from an artistic standpoint.

His videos form a good introduction to SD, but after watching them, I would recommend looking at the Substance Masters collection or some of Daniel Thiger's substances to get an idea of how to make substances that look... well, not like poop.
I find Daniel Thiger in particular is very good at getting great, accurate and complex-looking results with very few nodes, which makes his techniques easy to assimilate and reuse.




and learn the 3d outputs like

AO, normals.

If you manage to keep learning, you will come upon a point about 3-4 days in where you have the "OH" moment and you will get it.

You can learn the entire software(excluding the functions) in about 4 hours.

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Basically, this
With a bit of dedication and a few youtube tutos, I went from clueless to pro in like a week
Software with the smoothest and fastest learning curve I've ever seen
post work, shithead
kek no
just gonna say it was for one of the big companies you saw at E3
If you work for Naughty Dog then I'll kill you in your sleep.
File: 564134364.jpg (50 KB, 729x654)
50 KB
joke's on you, people at Naughty Dog don't fucking sleep
>I feel like the ones on the official youtube page are the best ones

Fuck no.

Wes is great at conveying information and and teaching everything technical but not the art side. His texture work is very mediocre.


Look into the tutorials and breakdowns from Josh Lynch and Daniel Thiger.
are you one of the homos that gets triggered by hot lesbians?
Not the guy you're talking to but I am absolutely 0% triggered by lesbians / jews / women / brown people in games, but I am 1000% triggered by crappy young-adult fiction screenplays masquerading as 'games.'

So yeah, NaughtyDog - while your products may look fantastic you maybe just wanna think about calling them something other than 'games.'
okay so we have a "sjws are making me look at lesbians kissing" guy and a "but it's not a REAL game" guy. it's like /v/ butthurt bingo, please keep them coming.
>>"but it's not a REAL game" guy.

It's not. I mean... it isn't. There's literally nothing else to be said. You seem to think that because you've heard this criticism before from elsewhere, that makes it 'less' valid - ah, no - the opposite is true, it's what's called a 'growing consensus' - if you like it, fine. I ain't stopping you buying it.

But the fact that it's less of a game than say, Dark Souls or DOOM is pretty much inarguable.
how much you getting paid for this shit? Demo reel?
>it's what's called a 'growing consensus'

kek. the complaint that some popular game is not "real" is neither growing nor diminishing, but rather a bedrock video game fandom tradition reaching back at least to the enormous levels of butthurt over the success of myst back in 93. twenty five years of uniform whine.

of course what naughty dog makes is crap cartoons with button pressing - but that's not a fake video game, that's the realest video game. that's what these things are. they were always for kids and they were always about instilling a false sense of achievement. "press triangle to continue watching this bombastic cartoon" is the most video-gamey a video game can get. it approaches the platonic ideal of the garbage that games are.

this is what makes /v/ so entertaining: it's a bunch of people that have in fact figured out that games are actually shit but they still refuse to let go. they will forever come up with excuses for why their life revolves around purchasing children's entertainment they don't even like.
Imagine being this guy. Wow.

Check out the tutorials and breakdowns by Jonas Ronnegard, Daniel Thiger and Josh Lynch. Top tier texture artists that put photoscans to the test with fully procedural materials.
Wow. That was a rollercoaster. You go from missing my point to bringing up some really interesting ideas about semiotics and the nature of entertainment and consumption.... and then straight back to missing the point again.

The big thing you're missing is that... good games do exist. Really. They do. Trust me - I'm a MASSIVE fucking oldfag cynic like you - but things like Dark Souls and Bloodborne are objectively brilliant things. These are titles where I don't have to at any point convince myself they are worth consideration - they just clearly are. They're few and far between, but they're there.

So... given that things like Bloodborne have proved that games can both offer a player a meaningful and fully realised vision of something to the player as well as a fundamentally engaging mechanics of play - you can't really say that the criticism of crap like TLoU is unfounded whining made only by nerds.

I've never been /v/ but i don't have to work hard to imagine what it's like - those people are the worst, and they genuinely make me think deep and hard about whether I actually want to work in this industry - but just because they're weirdo loser cunts, that doesn't mean they're always wrong,

If their core message can be distilled down to 'games actually can be better than this' and your core message is essentially 'no they cant' then.... sadly, /v/ is more right than you.

You say /v/ are upset because they're in denial about a realisation they've made about games actually being crap - but had you thought that maybe YOU are upset because you've grown out of games and you're sad that you can't enjoy them anymore (which is totally fine btw) and so you're lashing out a bit and convincing yourself and the world that all games are shit and *that* is the reason why you don't enjoy them anymore?
>TLoU is crap
Damn, I thought that kind of shit can only be heard on /v/. I'm dissapointed with you, /3/.
Oh, come on, guys. Arguing whether the whole huge genre of human expression - games is good or bad is a priori absurd.
That was kinda my point. There's a lot of projection, snobbery and dishonesty that goes on with both sides of that argument;
The 'games are inherently stupid and crap' people are usually cultural protectionists wanting to preserve a hierarchical status structure of the arts and entertainment - snobs and elitists, essentially. But they're also, like our friend up there - former gamers or people who have had some relationship with games, who have grown disillusioned by the industry or the pastime or what have you, and they just want to diminish the status of gaming - they're embittered and so if they can't get anything out of it, then no-one can.

But on the other side, the 'games are a valid artform on the same level as David Lynch and Mozart!' crowd are also compensating for an insecurity, that maybe - their favourite pastime doesn't quite have the cultural esteem that they'd like - and so they talk it up and they laud anything remotely left-field and claim that 'Thomas Was Alone' is the millennial equivalent of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable or explaining that 'Papers Please' is basically Das Kapital. The people are posers, pure and simple.
The absolute worst of the lot though - are on this side. The hardliners - you've got your incels, alt-righters, basic shut-ins... you name it. These are the crowd for whom gaming is all they have, and so they have a fundamental need to control every aspect of it - what it is, how it's considered, who is involved, who gets a say.... if any of that slips from their grasp, they face existential doom. Keeping gaming elite for these people is not just about being 'hardcore' or whatever; its about self-preservation - like how explorers to uncharted islands ended up in the pot at the hands of the savages, these guys will use ANY tactic to maintain a grip on their culture at any cost. They. Are. The. Worst.

But - whatever. No one comes at this debate rationally. No one leaves their biases at the door. Never engage. Ever.

The gameplay is generic shit and the textures are straight out of 2012 PC games.
>the textures are straight out of 2012 PC games.
>Initial release date: 14 June 2013
What did he mean by this?

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