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Hello /3/
I have to do a retopology of a schoolmate 3D model and add the displacement on it.
He wants from me that I retopology only half of the model (only the chest), but how the hell can I put the displacement map of the entire Zbrush model on only a half?
I tried the Arnold 5 triplanar projection in Maya, but it didn't work.
So I created a fast UV of the piece I retopologized and..you can see it's like it's projecting a random part of the map.

So how can I fix it? Have we to make a new displacement map of the half caracter in Zbrush?
You're retarded for asking a time sensitive question on the slowest board on 4chan.
Go to the question thread next time.
Thanks anon
I don't know ZBrush and thus this may be useless, but seeing as there are no replies... I would seek to isolate in ZBrush the part you want to bake, most quickly by simply deleting everything else, and recreate the displacement map on that basis.

If you don't want to recreate the displacement texture, I'd suggest visualizing how the UV maps to the texture you got and adjusting it so that it only picks the relevant parts.
Huh? You've done it - you just bake what you have onto the retop model you've made - it's done.

It looks like your UVs are fucked up or your baking cage is way too big or your hi-poly just isn't correctly aligned with your low poly.

You've got very uneven poly density for displacement by the way.
what do you mean with uneven poly density for dsplacement?

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