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So /3/
I'm starting with Character modeling and organic modeling.
I don't have a graphic table yet to sculpt, but I bought one and it's on the way.
So I decided to practice polymodeling and boxmodeling first, but I don't know yet how to connect body parts or mesh flows.
So I decided to gather material and tutorials first and I wondered if /3/ could help me with that.
OP here, Post pic is not mine btw, found it online...
Might I ask what siftware your using?
OP here: Blender.
But doesn't matter the software, the only thing that changes are the tool and I just want to know HOW to character.
File: ft.png (223 KB, 736x779)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
I think I'm starting to understando how body flow works and stuff.
gathered a few references here and there and got this part done.
You can get it here https://cubebrush.co/phungdinhdung/products/7fbjoq

I found https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOfeIBx8uZO1sV9I0phHEfYYrFfBwmiP- to be very helpful
good job senpai
File: meshflow.png (442 KB, 1148x808)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
Do I have a nice meshflow so far?
Any tips before I go further would help me.
File: update.png (470 KB, 1295x758)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
Road so far, I'm taking a bit longer than I imagined but I'm trying to get a good shape but maintain it lowpoly trying to avoid adding too much mesh.
Are you this stupid that you don't know how to use google? Are you this stupid that you don't know how to find proper computer graphic forums? Are you this stupid that you expect someone to hand pick you tutorials and automatically assume what is best for you? No wonder why you are losing in life. If millennials are all this kind of losers world is fucking doomed. Go back to facebook and stay there.
You are bad at baiting. Try again
So far, only one person on this thread showed me something, but yet I had made progression as you can see on the replies above, so with your super logical mind how could you not come to the conclusion that I've maybe googled something?
looks ok but i think males tend to have bigger legs/feet. or maybe its just a perspective thing
Just copy that model its one of the best, just study it and memorize it.
File: Uphand.png (226 KB, 1030x714)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Studied hands, modeled it separately then attached to the rest of the body.

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