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Image explains for itself but,

In Zbrush, how can I replace/swap the body? Which is the correct workflow?

Imagening the whole body is one single subtool divided by multiple polygroups, I only want to replace the torso.
If I cut the torso from the body, I will have seams between the cuts when replacing it.

So, any ideas? Any tips, tutorials or examples to look?
You could just meshcombine it using dynamesh and preserve the original seams.
why everyone are so infatuated with this image?
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But at the end I will have 2 whole bodies just for changing a few polygons in the chest.
And working with highpoly models you always want to reduce that high amount while keeping the best detail

Imagine I want to just change the face, it doesnt seem the optimal way
I think it has to do with the fact that in the 3D industry men are overrepresented, and most of them are not gay.
>I think it has to do with the fact that in the 3D industry men are overrepresented
Nothing is keeping you women from doing it, so what are you waiting for?
Bruh... it’s the same subtool.... it’s just at a different angle in the second pic... baka.

Duplicate your sub tool and hide one and work on the other until the desired results. I’m guessing you are asking about the bra pushing the breasts up a bit more even though I’m pretty sure they were not altered at all for the second picture in fact I can see where there is still a slight puff up line where the bra was.

Alternatively you can use animation layers and just scroll from 0 to 1. Now you have two varstuons but it’s still the same mesh.
File: gdfgf.jpg (36 KB, 680x158)
36 KB
I think it has a little push, anyway, its like having 2 different heads each one with a expression.

Which would be the best way for swapping between the two of them without having to duplicate the whole body and seamless cuts?
>In Zbrush, how can I replace/swap the body?
By having a separate body?
But why, why not have just the bra?
Topless mesh is slighty different, when she wears the bra, her boobs are pushed up
You have multiple options,

read up on morph targets,

or read up on layers.

Either one will work.
Im going to read those then
Do you got a sauce on the image?
Artist is Jang Seonghwan
this is pretty hot desu
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Why don't you write proper English, mutt?
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