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I have not touched 3D stuff in about 6 years
still stuck on using Metasequoia and old version of keyshot to rendering my images

Current System is a
"2014 macbook air"

My main work system a bit old but still upto date hopefully
i7 8700K
GTX 1080 8gb Strix
32GB ram

Iv been literally ripping my hair out since i moved overseas running this computer.

Can anyone suggest some programs i should get into with 3D rendering, in 2018? Im stuck in the past with a decent pc next week so i want to try something great.

With a GPU that strong I'd recommend looking into a GPU renderer like Redshift or Octane.
Alternatively you can get a normal CPU renderer like Arnold but it will likely be a lot slower compared to the GPU ones.
Iv heard of octane before, nice.

What do you suggest in the way of 3D modeling.
i often stay quite on this board reading the comment wars between blender, maya, and other softwares.

What do you recommend?
I want to try out zbrush and sculpting too.
Zbrush is the single most fun piece of 3d software on the market. If you have been away from 3d for a while and want to get hooked again, fuck the rest and get going with Zbrush.

You need to follow an intro tutorial though, it is impossible to figure out otherwise. Lynda, Pluralsight, Gnomon, all fine.
If you wanna stay legal, best way to go renderwise is probably octane subscription, and if you don't care about volumetrics its cheap as hell! I personally like maya for doin 3d stuff but maya is expensive, but houdini has a subscription model as well thats pretty fair. I personally use redshift, its a bit different but its better available on the illegal market ;)
>a bit old
>9000 series cpus don't exist yet
>nvidia says the 1100 series isn't coming soon
>32gb is still enough for workstation use
>>a bit old
Maybe it's not the top of the line (it'd ideally be xeon + quadros), but your hardware still remains recent by consumer standards.
its like mid 2017 yeah,
But its still not exactly a workhorse machine
It was used mainly for video rendering.
These are ok specs for a beginner. 32gb is fine, a 1080 is fine, a slightly more punchy CPU would be nice, but it's still decent.

No excuses anon. I've done huge projects with a lesser spec than that.

As to what you should learn - 3DS Max and Vray. Then go from there.

>>Zbrush is the single most fun piece of 3d software on the market.


Only after you've gotten over the hump. I have, and I assume you have... but for people just starting Zbrush? No. Not fun. Not unless you enjoy tension headaches and grinding your teeth into a fine white powder.
Zbrush is very fucking frustrating for noobs. Its something you should build up to.


Just an addendum to this: as other anons have said - you have a powerful GPU. All the big offline renderers are going towards GPU power now, including VRay - their newest version ('VRay Next') uses GPU power.

Having a slower CPU isn't a reason to overlook traditional ray-trace renderers anymore.
I wouldn’t call myself an professional 3D modeler
How ever I have been using older programs in the past and have adapted well to topology and low poly stuff

Mainly because never been able to make high poly stuff on my current hardware.

Anyone up to date with modeling for video games ?
What’s the reasonable poly count for models these days ?

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