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>be me
>know nothing about 3D modeling
>Did a super easy project in Highschool with a tiny amount of 3D modeling in it (it was more to show different types of art than is was about 3D Modeling)
>I felt like I had vision and drive for once in my life and it just felt right and fun
>Wanted (and still want) to make a career out of it later in life
>Find a super cheap 90% off Udemy course on Blender (Didn't know what it was at the time, just knew that it was free and it could make 3D models)
>Practiced and slowly learned how to use Blender
>Keep practicing and building up my skill for a little over 6 months
>Find out 4chan has a board dedicated to the thing I now love to do
>go to it
>half of the posts shit on Blender and say it's a waste of time and the UI sucks and it won't give me any respect in the job market
>Get told the program I have spent 6 months learning is just a cult of retards who are so ignorant they won't use other programs that are infinitely more simple and efficient
>Get told the program I wasted 6 months of my miserable life on not only is bad but in fact used to be good but them updates ruined it I guess?
>Want to die

What do I do bros? Is it over? Will my blender lessons help me in another program? What other program should I use? I know that I want to do this but I don't know where to start (to ACTUALLY start)
boohoo it's just a program
Chill out. Blender is fine for your first year or two of 3d. The awesome thing about Blender is that it's fast and ultra stable so you can focus on your work. It's not that other software is simpler or more efficient, it only matters when you need to take your work to the next level. You will run into problems with Blender if you try to go for full photorealism, state of the art FX, or advanced character rigging. But a year or two is not a waste of time at all because you can learn the principles of 3d and general artwork, and even if you move to other software, Blender is an excellent tool for super fast modeling.

The two most valuable generalist packages for industry are Maya and Houdini. Houdini is very complex but it is the "best" in many respects. Maya is the best for rigging and animation and is the most popular. The best generalist tutorials are for Maya. If you go with Maya I recommend the create3dcharacters.com config because out of the box Maya sucks ass.

>Houdini is very complex but it is the "best" in many respects
Not OP, but why do you put it in quotes? I'm interested in your point of view.

The quotes are probably a bit misplaced. It is the best overall, in terms of offering the widest set of features. Houdini can do anything that Maya or Max can do, but it can also do more. The reason I put it in quotes is that it isn't the best at every single thing. SideFX is working hard to change this and get Houdini competitive in every area, but currently character rigging, animation are still behind Maya, the modeling tools are behind Max. Houdini is also a slower workflow and expensive. It can't compete for simple time constrained projects. Houdini is also so technical that it's typically not possible to get an entire team to use it for the whole pipeline.

Still, if I were personally picking a piece of software to learn today, it would be Houdini.
You didnt waste anything 6 months work? Are going to forget that knowledge when you jump to some other program? Its just diferent syntax
if you only used blender for modeling and animation then no time was lost, everything you did transfered smoothly to maya (maya have some weird way to select things, but its the same thing)
Pir8 Autodesk? Just use a VPN
You can already make great things in Blender, many people are making a living with it, and it's constantly improving. That said, being 3D artist is ROUGH no matter what software you use.
>he thinks 6 months is a long time
6 months isn't enough to even get good at any single kind of discipline in 3d land. the program only kinda matters at the start, but once you're good enough it shouldn't be a big issue to swap to something else, you'll already know what tools you need, all that matters is just relearning the hotkeys.

if you think software is the most important thing to being a 3D artist you are suffering from Dunning-Kreuger. I work freelance as a 3D artist (admittedly its only a supplementary income right now, but it gives me 3 days work a week). In the last year I learnt C4D, Illustrator and 3D Coat to improve my workflow from Maya (on top of all the other programs I use in addition to it already - photoshop, zbrush, processing etc. and custom scripts I write for these programs). BUT, none of that matters.

Learning software doesn't take long and it isn't particularly hard or ambiguous what you have to learn.

Learning to have a good design sense and make good artistic decisions that have strong communication is what really matters. That's a skill that takes years to learn and will really make you successful.
Go to a real school and get a real education in 3d design. You'll meet real people and make real contacts and that's how people really get into the industry.
>Learning to have a good design sense and make good artistic decisions that have strong communication is what really matters. That's a skill that takes years to learn and will really make you successful.
Ask /ic/
you haven't wasted your time, you can easily transfer your skills to another program (of course not equally but you will be able to see that the fact you learned a program for 6 month helped you)

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