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What is your opinion of Nuke, is it worth learning? Is The Foundry an okay company or are they a bunch of twats?
Are you gonna pirate nuke? Cause I keep reading they are the shittiest of all the companies that will go after your ass.
No, it seems like a pain in the ass. I would just use the non-commercial version to have some basic/moderate competency with it.
I'm just wondering how good it is, because desu their activation process, documentation, pricing and piracy measures are all a bit off-putting so far.
I would suggest you to look at blackmagic's Fusion for node-based compositing, they give their basic version for completely free no strings attached, even for commercial(!) work and it should be enough for stuff you might want to work in.

Meanwhile foundry is known for having entire department dedicated to cyber-bullying and sending death threats to alleged "pirates".
Even KNOWING "too much" about how to work in Nuke without paying might draw their attention to you.
>entire department dedicated to cyber-bullying
This, I can believe.

>sending death threats
For this, I'd want to see proof.
It's a hyperbole dude. There are, however, documented cases of foundry being jerks to random people who "know too much" about their products without owning them and installing spyware\keyloggers along with their soft.
If you want to learn/use Nuke but are worried about Foundry's AntiPiracy bullshit, use Nuke and their other products contained on an offline machine or on a second (dualboot) OS without network.

If you keep this machine constantly off the grid, you can do whatever you like on it, as nothing ever comes out of your quarantined box.
you guys make it sound like there's a foundry gestapo going around asking everyone for their papers
what is everyone's opinion on Natron?

i remember hearing about it a while ago, that it's supposed to be an alternative to Nuke, and then nothing.
i know it's still being updated, but is it any good/have must-have features?
im learning that one since its the free-decent choice.
I did a bit of searching and found this thread on reddit. They do kind of sound like twats. I think I will hold off on learning Nuke since compositing is such a small part of what I'm doing at the moment, and I can't really use it at home (1080p limit) without a reasonably priced or easily cracked version.


I might check out Fusion, so thanks for that suggestion.

That would be Fusion.

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