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whats a good open source modeling program for engineering?
fuck this program
it's worse than blender
does it have to be open source.
fusion 360 is free to use for non commercial or business earning less that 100k a year.
There are none. Sorry, but cad is not some shitty 3d modelling software, the manufacturing industry is like a mountain to a mouse compared to the entertainment industry and its demands are the same. While in the 3d industry and photo editing, etc there might be some computer gurus with basic understanding of physics can do magic, cad products are translated into real life, not pixels, so perfection is required, real physics, real mesurements, cam, etc.
Forgot to say my personal suggestion.
Solidworks. It's intuitive and it handles everything from hobbyist to large industry interests. What exactly are you after? If it's "engineering", physical testing, etc, SW is not a preferred choice.
if it's just 3d modelling SketchUp, if you're into physics simulations SW it's the way to go. Whats your area of interest?
>DesignSpark Mechanical
Kind of like SolidWorks but absolutely free. Gets the job done well:


>Sketchup Free
>Sketchup Make 2017
For personal use only but is free none the less. Commercial license is perpetual and only around $700 in total. You can find the Make version within Free:

Should add that Sketchup Free is done in your internet browser. Make 2017 is your free offline version.
+1 for solid works. It's the highest market share 3d AutoCAD software and is a blast to use with tutorials for every single tool, it practically spoon feeds you. Currently using fusion 360 and it's okay, but not as intuitive as I'd like but can't get my hands on another solid works key ATM so it'll do
As an engineer, if you aren't using Solidworks or Inventor, nobody in the industry will take you seriously.

If you try to send me (a machine shop, or other outside contractor) your shitty sketchup or freeCAD model, it will take me less time to no-quote it than it will to try and convert it into a usable CAD format with non-fucked up polygons and editable features.
Do not listen to this man.
Sketchup is for hobby type stuff. Like planning out something you are gonna make in your garage. Anything outside of that it is worse than shit.

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