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Jesus, this is so boring. Why does it always devolve into the same shitposting about blender and fucking maya???

This place is such a trashfire it's not even funny anymore. Isn't anyone else bored as fuck with the same two argument and threads over and over again?

It's a shame because there are small nuggets of awesome now and again but I feel like you have to sift through so much of the same daily shit that it's fucking exhausting. We should be teaching and encouraging each other.
But, you forgot, this is 4chan
>t. Donutmakers

Donut is not a job, Patrick.
If you have a problem with it, try starting some new threads.
Someone seems to be keeping the WIP thread alive right now but I've personally created the last two question threads.
I thought it would be cool to have a challenge thread or something where everyone is given a piece of concept art to work off.
Because maya obviously is the real deal dcc and blendlets lives up to their unemployed stereotypes.
then you'll get a bunch of replies saying
>how much are you paying
>we're not gonna do your homework for you
>post your work first
this place is too much like /ic/ and not enough like /i/
>We should be teaching and encouraging each other.

In other words, blind leading the blind.

Better to shitpost.
Because that's the sole purpose of this board - shitposting.
The WIP and question threads are somewhat useful and the rest is there for you to kill some time trying to bait people.

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