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Let's try something different.

ITT, we post a reasonably-sized capture of our current "Following" page on ArtStation, and the next Anon(s) guess/judge our personality/taste. Bonus points if we can recommend artists to follow on the same basis.

Why the "Following" and not the "Likes"? I'd rather pick the latter, but unfortunately, it's easy to follow and discover posters' identities.
man, it's kind of hard to make a judgement on taste based on a lot of this stuff, because a lot of it is just a sample of prominent industry people. but i guess i'm assuming you like auto and hard surface modelers, procedural texture and material authors

my sampling is mostly 2d art. i need to look at more stuff on artstation
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Painted over things I liked for friends that are trying but aren't on the level I would like if I stumbled upon by chance
I am >>626846

If I have to judge by those images, I don't like your taste, it seems to me like you get hooked on the detail a lot more than on the general structure. Ofc, as anon above said, these images are not a good way to base your opinion on someones taste

I like your color tendencies, I have a literal retardation regarding that.
Thanks to you I've just realized I've been hacked. Im following bunch of dazlets for some reason.

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