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What topics do I need to learn to go from pic related to AAA game graphics?
how to 3D model and texture for one
Weapons reloading.
Kek. Where is that anon these days? Was he the guy behind that murican school shooting simulator I heard about in the news recently? He was talking about working on something like that with some police guys.
We've told you time and time again, cris. You literally haven't improved in years because you refuse to learn and practice.
I just lost what I was typing... Long story short, start from where you are. Perfect that then move on.

Look at things such as edge flow, poly/tri count, topology etc. Texturing and UV packing, possible specular maps too. Try modelling and texturing things you see around you in real life. Shape/geometry and texture must work in unison.

There are thousands of tutorials out there. Use them. But you can't jump into triple A without a grasp of the fundamentals.

Triple A utilises things such as high poly sculpting and PBR (physically based rendering) that uses maps that are levels ahead of the standard Tex+spec+normal. It's a whole other bag of stuff.

Look into things like modelling for mobile games, hand painting etc. Even if that's all you master, it can get you a job :p

If you really want to, look up Zbrush and Substance Painter/Designer. These are the tools that are standard in the triple A scene.

But basics first!!
Stop doing anime before you do real human anatomy. It's not rocket science.
People think doing anime is easier, not realizing that any stylized design is based off the real thing and still follows some of the rules like proportion(except for eyes and tits), depth/perspective, and the underlying landmarks of the human skeleton.
anatomy, topology, proportions, and painting.

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