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Ey /3/, help a bro from /g/ out?

I've got no idea about 3D modelling.
I have this 3D chasis model for a drone and I want to enlarge it so it can fit more batteries or a big battery pack. I don't want to mess the dimensions, though.

What would the easiest method to do that?

The inner specs will be that of the ZeorBot Pro:
while the chasis was designed for the ZeroBot:

I'd also like to open some holes for the I/O ports of the Raspberry Pi Zero W.
I'm trying in Blender btw.
Original owner made it in Fusion 360.
This is fucking twitch drone in r6
File: twitch.png (171 KB, 1831x1079)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
Yes, I know.
The stl files can be downloaded from first link.

Now I scaled the bottom part from 1.0 to 1.2 and I'm trying to fit everything inside.
I am trying to delete the battery pack meshes of the larger model to see if I can make space for two of them or a battery pack.
I guess I'll use the knife tool to cut out the I/O ports and the camera (I'll use a better camera with flashlights)
>knife tool
boolean (difference) it baby
knife tool worked for removing one of the two battery holders. Now, I lucked out and found a 3D model of Raspberry Pi Zero for proportions and I/O cutting.
I've searched for the DC Dual Axis Motors but no luck in finding a 3D model.
File: twtich3.png (154 KB, 1829x1073)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Now that things are comfy and more spacious, I get to cut out the ports and the camera.

One problem is that the circular holes for the wheels became larger as well and are not completely covered by the motor. Is there a quick way to make the faces of the circle smaller while leaving the larger model in its original dimensions?

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