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I'm not trying to stir up a shit storm I'm genuinely curious as to why people use 3ds max, I had to use it in university and I hated the program.

I want to have a civil discussion, like I said I'm genuinely curious about this topic so please try to be civil.

My gripes with 3ds Max(I'll admit I have used blender for 6 years now so I am biased):
-From my experience it's fairly unstable and people's 3ds Max sessions wold crash or freeze more times than I've seen with other programs.
-Maybe it's just me but I don't like having to go through drop down menus and tables to get to tools, I like key shortcuts hard at first but it pays off.
-Why use multiple programs for a pipeline when Blender has almost everything you need, and if Blender doesn't have it program an add on

-Lastly why not if not Blender why not Maya?
I believe it has to do with the degree of customer support the autodesk products offer. If you run into a problem with Blender you're fucked, if you use max you can just dial up their customer service, which is essential for a company.

3ds Max and Maya are both the industry standard, the latter is just used mainly for animations.
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I used 3ds Max back in the day (actually back when Gmax was a thing for flight sim modding) and over time I sort of migrated to Blender.

- I personally never had problems with either program crashing (have you tried premiere? that pos crashes all the time) so either it got fucked by updates or your setup sucks

- Blender's interface is whack as fuck, and it's doubly difficult to learn because a lot of tutorials refer to GUI elements which have changed positions or moved to a plugin menu or something.

- you can set the hotkeys in 3ds to whatever you want

you're probably just conflating the crappy school installs and assignments with the program itself. I've been using Blender since 2.49 and it's weird because I can use it to render and animate (to an extent) but when it comes time to model something complex, I would rather re-pirate 3ds than sell the rest of my soul to this multiple hotkey bullshit. It's much nicer to have the little polygon editing toolbox right there, compared to Blender, which like, okay, five points to the chief GUI designer for trying to save 0.001 seconds of my life by finding creative new uses for the middle mouse button, but I still have to look up the damn hotkey to center the camera every time I use this damn program so fuck you, basically.

ultimately, professionally speaking, it's all about that pipeline, and what plugins exist for the engine or whatever. I'm just saying if someone tries to make me do joan of arc in Blender (which admittedly would probably solve all my problems) I'd rather shoot myself in the head
>chief GUI designer
Haha, cool jokes we come up with :D
its actually more simple than you think.

its reputation, 3ds gained alot of reputation and this thing actually matters alot.

>b-but blender UI!
comeone now, if a dumb fuck like me can get around every single function in blender, then im sure industry pros can. its just a meme that has been going around for too long

- Plugins
- Documentation
- Support
File: VpNogcN.jpg (18 KB, 640x480)
18 KB
>- Plugins
>- Documentation
>- Support

you're welcome.
Thank you for supporting my statement. Blender can't keep up in any of this three segments.
Even though I use Blender from time to time, gotta agree with >>625869. Plugins aren't that bad, they can get really helpful because open-source gives a ton of flexibility in modding, but some are really expensive considering they're for a free program. That repo for documentation is actually really poor, some pages are really sparse if not completely outdated. That support site is a joke too, if you haven't realized the entire page basically says "go to this community forum for help lol".
Doesn't really affect me too much though, at the end of the day I'm just a hobbyist and the base state of Blender is good enough to satisfy my needs. But I can definitely see why other programs are used in favor of it.
"I still have to lookup the hotkey to center the camera"
It's just . on the numpad... how can you forget that?
Turn on the dynamic spacebar menu thing. Just use that.
I've never had any more trouble with the Blender UI than I have Max/Maya.
They're are fucking horrible. Blender just got the meme for some reason.
The thing that really kills blender imo is that they're constantly moving shit around, and there's no good documentation/tutorials which use more generalized lingo and such.
Half the people that make the tutorials for blender don't know what the fuck they're talking about. I actually usually just go to a Maya/Max tutorial and follow it instead.
i started with blender and just can't enjoy 3ds max. i'm a keyboard jockey, though with stunning memory for hotkeys. both tools can accomplish the same thing, so unless you work for profit, shit shouldn't matter.
The main thing I miss from 3dsmax is the stack modifier.

How the fuck does one do a non destructive workflow in maya?? History is garbage!!
Man, I've been a Blender user for nearly a decade and the UI still baffles the hell out of me. I still don't know more than half of the functions it offers because I'll either forget where it is or don't know where it's located in the first place.

Because Max has an industry standard workflow like the other pro DCC apps (WER to manipulate, LEFT CLICK to select things (as expected from any software). Besides, you don't have to mark sharp seams of every single part of an object and you won't get shitty results when baking normals.

Blender is a joke, so is it's userbase.

You don't, Maya has a linear workflow. I never use history either. Never caused me any issues though, I only used modifiers in max because I was forced to.
Uh , turbo smooth but when its time for low poly you can disable it and edit that one.

How does mayas linear workflow make it more effecient? It doesnt
Because Blender is nasty to use, full of bugs and generally not really useable.
Because its community is the most annoying cult which you can withness always desperately trying to bring in more souls to the Blender Foundation temple. I wonder if that has anything with Blender's logo being an anus with a 666 around it.
Are you fucking kidding? LMAO

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