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hi, i just start with blender and i have a AMD R7 370 but i can't select it for render.
the software show me only the integrated gpu but it's a shit. how can i select the dedicate?
You already have it selected.
AMD cards use OpenCL for Cycles, because CUDA is Nvidia nonsense. If you really think it isn't working, monitor GPU usage while rendering, if not switch to None (CPU rendering) and compare the speeds. GPU rendering isn't some kind of "quantum technology" that'll make your renders render out within a second, it's merely supposed to be faster than your CPU (key word: supposed).

Unrelated: I hate to be that guy, but why the hell are we being inflated by new question threads day in and day out? We have a questions thread just for all this nonsense. Lurk more before you post.
It's not necessarily meant to be faster, merely scalable with more graphics cards
That's true, but it's a fact that modern GPUs are able to render much faster than modern CPUs just simply due to their architectural differences. GPUs are purpose-built for rendering and graphics in general, while CPUs have a ton other tasks to do as well. Perhaps it's a different story on massive workstation/render farm scales, but it tends to be the case for single machines.
>it's a shit
It is.
Make sure you go to the performance tab on the right and select larger tiles to be rendered. The standard is 24x24 I believe, and (apparently) most GPU's are more efficient with larger tiles, so set it to 256x256 or 512x512. Might be different with AMD GPU's tho.
>GPUs are purpose-built for rendering and graphics in general
They're purpose-built for rasterization, not path tracing. Modern GPU also support generic parallel processing, which happens to make them good for path tracing too, but they're not specialized for it like they are for rasterization. The performance difference between software and hardware rasterization is huge compared to CPU vs GPU path tracing.
Make sure your drivers are up to date. That was what my issue was using my rx 480
Nevermind, I'm an idiot, and so are you.

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