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Working on zbrush
Whats better? Which is the "useful" workflow when adding clothers for your model? :

>Add them while you are still at the T-pose, and then pose the model and adapt all the clothes and accesories
>Pose the model and adapt all the clothes to the posed limbs

Ive been seeing too many artists doing this second option instead, and I dont really get it why. Isnt it harder? Give me reasons or something to clear my mind

pic related
Ask Pixologic support.
Depends what you aiming for
My studio always does clothing in t pose, but we only do stuff for cgi shorts and games
Even when we bake posed stuff we first model the clothing in natural state and then ether re sculpt after posing, or resim, nowadays marvelous seems to be used more and more for everything we do

But if you wanted to do figurines and something more stylized you are probably better off sculpting posed to cut on time
I sculpt posed for all my practice and studies, its harder and gives me more of a challenge keeping volumes symmetrical by eye
If it’s for animation t pose,

If it’s for a statue and going to be static 100% add clothes after. More dynamic and natural and you can add folds easier.

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