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>get an expensive linux workstation
>cycles actually renders 50% faster on identical hardware than on the windows or mac versions
>actually save money and time by not buying into closed source shitware like windows

no other renderer does that.
Because no other renderer is architectured so badly, I'm afraid. Even more so taking into consideration the lower quality of GPU drivers on Linux when compared to Windows'.
Open source AMD Linux drivers are better than Windows drivers
i use ARM
AMD cards are crap for 3D creation, though.

(Not blaming the cards, but the ecosystem.)
>source: my buttblasted ass

Too bad you need other software on Windows to make any kind of worthy CG.
Well, yes. Are you genuinely surprised?

On average all softwares are between 20% and 50% faster on Linux. The kernel is just faster, the syscalls are all far faster than Windows or Mac's, the caches are better, etc. Even GPU drivers are faster, when they aren't coded by incompetents (so not NVidia).

It reminds me of when Valve ported its source engine to Linux, and without any optimization whatsoever gained 30% fps compared to the Windows version. They were seriously surprised, the poor souls.

Anyone that had worked in some capacity on both a Linux and Windows platform could have told you. Windows is slow. Windows's syscalls are incredibly slow, the kernel is incredibly slow, its memory mapping system is retardedly slow too.
No surprise that movie production studios work mainly on Linux.

Windows is for gamedev plebeians.

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