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I don't know if anyone on here can help, but I'm having a real existential crisis here. I've been doing 3D for years now as an amatuer, mainly hard surface modelling, and although I've done some sculpting with zbrush in the past, I'm definitely not great at doing it yet. I want to get into sculpting, but I'm having a lot of issues in figuring out what "style" I want to model in. And I'm starting to think that I just don't like 3D, because everything I'm looking just looks awful to me.

3D humans in particular are a really tricky thing for me to figure out how to do.

There are a few ways I can try to make something. Either hyper-realistic, where everything male just turns into a gross demon from doom or Batman/Superman/generic western character with big muscles, and everything female just turns into a hyper-sexualized women with skimpy clothing.

There's also the stylized way of making stuff, which works for things like, I don't know, Overwatch I guess, but 99% of what I'm seeing online just looks like absolute shit to me. I'm seeing models that would just crumble apart in a fucking second because their bodies just are ridiculous. Cartoonish proportions can work, but most 3D modelers take it way too far and it just ends up looking like shit to me. European and especially French modellers do this shit all the fucking time and it drives me up the walls.

I think my biggest concern is that everything I'm seeing just looks fucking dead. I know these things need to be animated if it's just a rig, but there needs to be SOMETHING there. Everything I'm seeing just looks so fucking hollow and it's starting to scare me. I'm scared that I chose the wrong career path to go down, and I for the love of me can't figure out if everthing is objectively terrible or if I have some kind of debilitating depression that is making things seem a lot worse than they actually are.

TL;DR I'm a fucking rambling retard and I don't know how to go about "finding my style" with sculpting
OP again. Some random thoughts I couldn't squeeze into the main post:

I really don't like "western design" 3D style at all. Things like Marvel/DC character renders, Skyrim, Fallout, Lord of the Rings, etc. I'm much more into eastern "anime style" but I hate using that word because as soon as I type into google I just get slammed with an endless supply of anime school girl tutorials, and that isn't what fucking anime is. Anime can be amazing, but I never see anything like this in a 3D space, it's all just big titted sex slaves and I'm just frustrated with things in general.

If I'm not making a lot of sense right now it's because I'm typing these posts up pretty quickly and I'm feeling pretty emotional. I no doubt suffer from some amount of depression but at least I'm sane enough to know that there's a chance things aren't objectively shit, but it's so hard to tell sometimes.

All I know is that I went onto google for about 4 hours trying to find a style, and I just got progressively angrier at how little I liked what was coming up, and I just want to give up sometimes
First off, calm down. Take a breather, immerse yourself in something you truly enjoy, maybe take a nice long walk. Then, take a really nice and long sleep. Ideally, you'll wake up feeling well rested and serene. Freshen your mind and get excited to get down to work.

Now, onto a proper reply. The fact of the matter is "finding your style" can really only come from imitation. Look at Picasso, he's well known for his abstract artstyle, but he started off painting Renaissance-style. Of course, I can see your major issue here is finding a good source of inspiration. Japanese art has gone the way of super-deformed for a very long time, but Eastern art in general still remains likely what you're looking for. Look at art for Korean MMOs or weird Chinese games. I believe that's what you really mean. Their facial styles aren't totally exaggerated like anime, their proportions are kept relatively in check (they tend to be very slender though, not sure if that's what you're looking for), it's a fairly nice combination that doesn't go too far realistic nor too far super-deformed.

Something to keep in mind is that you're your worst critic. If you don't mind, post your art here. If you don't feel that secure, get friends you trust instead. You just need a fresh pair of eyes and a different voice to tell you something else, y'know?
Same anon, figure I'd elaborate on the imitation part more:
It's more about learning your essential skills and getting that eye for aesthetics before you take it into your own hands and start making things you truly want to. It's the same for everything, a chef doesn't come up with his own dishes before perfecting others, a musician doesn't compose his own pieces before playing the classics.
thanks, this is what I needed to hear. I'll keep looking, and that MMO suggestion isn't a bad one.

I'd post my art here, but what little I've done has already been posted online and could be used to find my portfolio and name. I don't really have anything I felt good enough about to save yet, but I'll keep at it. Thanks friend.
Holyshit this anon is woke af
>Something to keep in mind is that you're your worst critic. If you don't mind, post your art here. If you don't feel that secure, get friends you trust instead
This. Stop being a fgt and post something. Your work might be decent it even great and you're just being too critical
ok whatever real question is it even possible to model this impossithing
unironically yes
but works in one angle only, just like the real thing
Post some of your models so we have some idea where to start helping you.

Unless you're Mrs. Mooth then just fuck off.
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Abandon humans embrace fantasy creatures.
I'm trying to construct an aeromorph girl
Degenerate art
Alright, autismo bois, wake up call coming through:

Style is not something that should be pursued, it's something that is acquired. Repeat after me. Style is not something that should be pursued, it's something that is acquired. If you're going to keep looking at art in terms of "style" then you might as well give up now, because you're never gonna make it, boi.

As for your problem, you just reek of "person who has no patience and has never even looked at a photo of a person critically in their life". Go to the store, grab a stack of paper, a pencil, then come back home and go to your favorite porn website (videos don't count, by the way), and start drawing until you can rotate the basic human forms in your head. Stop looking at what the other faggot drew, and start looking at what nature drew, or else, once again, you might as well not waste your time.

After you know what you're actually trying to do, THEN you can go into zbrush or whatever the fuck other portal to hell in software form you use, and GO SLOW. After a few months of considering hanging yourself over how artist unfriendly [insert any 3d program] is, you'll finally be able to waddle through the OCD and the frustration, and will finally be able to actually sculpt something resembling a human :D

There, it's not hard, unless you're not smart, but it does take work, and if anyone tells you you don't actually need to do this, then they're lying.
that's not how "style" comes. if you'll try and copy it directly, it'll be copied.
you should improve, style will come by itself.

>There are a few ways I can try to make something. Either hyper-realistic, ....
>I love anime, and everything western is same shit.

that's BS, in reality there is not that much distinction, in West/East, especially now. both sides influence each other very, very much.
from where do you thin cpool animes are influenced (I'm not saying about school drama animes)
anime, especially 80/90-s is influenced very much, y Hammer horror films, Westerns, etc..
picking sides is idiotic, especially when you are an artist. you should study everything and get inspired from everything. do you think every manga/ anime artist is the same? or is every comic book artist the same? there are good bad and awesoe vcerywhere. don't restrain yourself.. that's the worst artist can do.

>There's also the stylized way of making stuff, which works for things like, I don't know,...
there is many ways of stylisation. here is pixar/disney stile, there is Overwatch stile(which is heavily influenced by street fighter and capcom),there is shitton of ways of anime stiyisation, there is dishonored stile, there is caricature stile(which I think you don't like, I hate it), etc...

then you are bringing up "oversexualisation/sex slave" shit.. thats also BS. not everyone is using sexuality for jerking off. it can be used for many purposes, mainly humhor, edgyness, sexiness(which is not porn..) etc..
people who are wieving sexuality as porn are inluencing others that it is porn, in reality very few % is.

I'll say again, if, you'll "git gud" stile will come, but it depends highly on artists taste. that's why you should not constrain yourself..

oh and, I agree that Anime is not gust schoolgirls, Anime is vast and awesome.
oh jeez... I was walking and typing.. that's why this looks llike mess..

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