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I`m learning currently how to make animation on it properly, and l think lt`s a great pice of software
>What goes /3/ think od SFM?
>l think lt`s a great pice of software

Yeah, it's made for people just like you, OP.
babby's first 3D
Pretty much this. Im just learning 3D because I dont know jack shit about it
>What goes /3/ think of SFM?

It may look promising and fun at first, but SFM is a real dead-end. Sure it appears "easy" to animate existing characters but when you get right down to it, you are dealing with all the horrible bullshit that is Source Engine which is so out of date and has one of the worst workflows imaginable to get custom models into. I could go on about how ass-backwards it is for paragraphs (used to mod for it years ago), but ill get to the main point: For a beginner animator id learn any actual 3D program that can use real proper rigs and not waste time on a gimmick like this.
SFM was convenient when i was new and wanted to just like animate a guy, but don't get stuck on it.
tho animation in general is a pain in the ass in SFM, and you don't even realize it until you've tried something else.
SFM is neat, but it shouldn't be something you stick to. Also, don't expect good lighting for most models, unless you're using models ported/made by wizards, like the people behind the DOOM 4 ports.
There's a reason the porn is made in Blender or Maya
>maya porn
...actually never seen this before. It's always SFM/Blender, mainly because they're free and thus maximises patreon profits.
...or because Maya users have more dignity than blendlets.
So you're saying they make porn but don't distribute it? Huh?
They just prefer the safety of working as a cog in a bigger machine, instead of freelancing pseudo-anonymously in the hopes of bigger income and more freedom, but under the risk of losing professional respectability and a lot of time without money if it doesn't turn out well.
>working as a cog in a bigger machine
I'm being genuinely serious here, sorry for sounding like a brainlet, but are you actually saying there's a big functioning industry out there for 3D porn animations? Where a bunch of artists get up, go to offices, and collaborate to publish films under one big name? Remember, the conversation isn't 3D multimedia in general, just the porn part of it. Because if so I've honestly never seen it before. The big names I know of would be studios like Affect3D, and even that's just a collection of pseudonymous artists.
>are you actually saying there's a big functioning industry out there for 3D porn animations
Oh, no, not at all. I'm putting "society-approved work" against "frowned-upon work".

Though, to be honest, that "cog in the machine" part was half memeing, in response to the silliness of >>625314.

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