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>utterly bored and uninspired to do 3d
>don't even care about art anymore

Noooo why is my brain doing this? I invested 5+ years trying to make it.... How can I abandon it now? Fuck......
take a break retard
I didn't do /3/ shit for two weeks and now I can't stand not being productive
I think the same happened to a friend of mine. He was getting really really good at it and then completely stopped only to occasionally play vidya. He then disappeared.
I miss him.
Call him, faggot. What's stopping you?
Its all in the genes bro
your talent
your max possible height
your dick

personal effort can only do so much
The fact that he ghosted everybody before disappearing and deleted all his accounts, you absolute cunt.
probably killed himself bruh
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You may have a fear of success, or a mental block. I have it too, I'm right there skill wise and ready to hustle, but gotta work on some personal demons at the same time.

Take a break, do some mushrooms, go to a coffee shop and think about HOW and WHY you want to do what you're doing.

Just don't give up. You're almost there!
I know. ;_;
Since you haven't made it yourself, the advice is null and void. Nonetheless, I was literally thinking about taking mushrooms for the first time to get over my depression, I'm desperately looking for anything that can give me a way forward. I'm paralyzed.

When I distract myself with other hobbies I am a really genuinely happy guy, when I return to 3d, the depression came on like a switch. Like that corner of my brain dedicated to 3d carer a dark, dark place. Shit's fucked up.
1. you hit your skill limit
2. there are no opportunities that involve money or a way to get ahead
3. you created most of the stuff you wanted
If you were depressed, you probably wouldn't be able to enjoy your other hobbies. Most likely, you are suffering from burnout. Give yourself some space from 3D. Take a vacation from it.

If, however, you feel worse as time passes, and it bothers you, seek medical help before things go further.

I'm not a doctor, but I've been through anxiety/depression after trying to "overcome" burnout for months, just pressing forward. It simply doesn't work.
It happens to me with coding. Every time.
Challenge yourself. You probably grew contented with your skill, able to roughly make the things you want to make, and that contentment turned into boredom.

Go look at artists that are a million times better than you then compare yourself and realize how far you have to go, go look at some amazing concept art and pick the craziest looking one and dive into making it 3D.
Start making art for other people and posting it on DA, (if you're not confident), Sketchup, or ArtStation (if you're confident). Start making porn.
Getting real life (You)s is addictive as hell
>Getting real life (You)s is addictive as hell
This. I wonder if this is similar to what (some) women feel knowing that thousands of guys drool over their photos.

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