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Hey, so I made this model in blender. Today. What do you guys think ?
Man, can y'all post in /wip/ next time?

I mean I guess it's fine. I feel there's conflict in what you wanted to present, however. If he's a stone man, why is most of his body blue? It looks more like a "Blue play-doh man that got tossed in gravel" than "Stone man". The rocks look pretty styrofoam-y too. As for presentation, you could use some work with your ground. I don't know what you were going for, because it just looks like anime pubes stuck on a plane. The lighting's nice, but the lack of background throws it off. Could benefit from a backplate, or just switch to a HDRI to provide both background and lighting.

That is my reference images

It's stone man cause I couldn't come up with a name
I rendered this in 4k and then downsized to reduce noise. all the details were lost in the Process

These are all procedural materials with micro polygon displacement Should I just use bump maps then ?
Should I individually place the rocks instead of using a particle system ?

I am not trying to replicate the image, this my version of it.

I'll post a improved image tomorrow thanks for the suggestions
Needs more stone
I think you should start by modeling boring non organic things. like chairs and tables.

Are you good at drawing? I know a lot of people go into 3D because they can't into drawings. They always hit a wall because when you get at high poly sculpting, you need the eye and hand of an artist.
NEVER do non-hard surface things using polygon modelling. Always sculpt for things that aren’t hard surface.
Step up op

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