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how long until blender 2.8 is out?
hopefully not long now. keyframed animation was working when i tested it last, maybe a week ago. armature deform didn't work during animation but did work in pose mode. it also seems to have got a lot more stable even in the last month.
>inb4 Eevee arrives and everybody realizes that it didn't anything to advance Blender usage in production, plus now the BF has a trademark issue with Nintendo
Would EEVEE help with game models? Since every 3D engine uses PBR now, the materials should just work and look correct right?
yes, it would.
you could even render with it, which would save hours of rendering
I believe EEVEE was built for that purpose. Real-time visualization of your PBR nonsense so you didn't have to hop between different software all the time.

Definitely renders faster and comes with the bonus of post-processing effects right there and then, but nothing will beat a ray-tracer in terms of visual quality. Also, due to all the effects being screen-space, it doesn't work well if you're doing an environment/interior render. The effects never reach the edges of your scene.
Will Eevee work with complex scenes, with hundreds or thousands of objects?
it depends on how much you optimize your scenes.

you could learn from valve games, all of their games are super optimized for realtime
But what about film-tier scenes?
Noob question here, didn't want to start a thread just for this. I want to get into 3D, but should I wait for Blender 2.8 to come out? Are the changes gonna be significant enough that it makes it counterproductive to start now?
>Are the changes gonna be significant enough that it makes it counterproductive to start now?
No. If anything you should start now with 2.79 while the UI matches up with all the tutorials out there.

Going from 2.79 to 2.8 will be trivial, but going the other direction (as a noob) might be difficult.
Thanks a lot for the sound advice, anon.

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