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I set my seams, I hit unwrap, scale up some islands that need extra resolution. Everything else is on average level thanks to automation, because I just want to move on. Texturing is fun. It's like how much fun painting is, unfortunately I am not a good painter.
>The absolute state of Blender UV mapping
holy fuck I thought this was a joke until i searched gpack....
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My texting & UV mapping skills are at best 4/10. I'm trying to improve my skills. Anybody have a good tutorial that can give teach some techniques I can use to improve my skills?
poor. i use smart uv project far too often.
poor. i usually just apply a pbr texture and tweak it a bit. i'm trying to do some texture painting and gut gud at procedurals.
why does this exist?
its 10/10 i would say.

not trying to sound like an arrogant asshole but its mostly through practice then you get used to it
I whish that my texturing skills was on par on my Zbrush skills... (almost same can say about box modelling)
This, I see those lowpoly perfect square unwrappings of tanks and so on often but Blender unwrapping is just random as fuck.
The same file opened on two different machines unwraps in two different orientatons, which makes no sense as nothing was tweaked, only opened and unwrapped immediately.
>unwrap UV
>it's all over the place
i unwrap with blender and consistently get good results

the key is to unwrap small parts, don't bother doing 1 button unwraps because it rarely works (unless your'e a pro)
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I really should have used more than one sheet.

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