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I f*cked it. I'm really sorry for everyone who had to be with me all this time.They were the best people that i have ever meet, but f*cked it up. I lost my girlfriend, lost my friends, lost everything. You know guy in the films that are really famous and everyone loves him, I was that guy, but what the hel* em I right now. my life is falling in to the big hole and i cant do nothing. Everyone that i love and cared is not with me. They are not even looking in to my eyes. But the real challenge in my life, is me, it always been me.As long as i can remember i was always scared of failure, of letting people down. I thought that I was doing good things for them, but they left me. I screwed up, not only i shout out pain I shout out everything. I was telling, I was doing everything to not be good friend.

Your sincerely

are you me ?
hey at least you can still use blender and modify it to your hearts content, free of charge
god damn it this almost had me falling out of my chair fuck you

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