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File: game.webm (2.36 MB, 1920x1080)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB WEBM

Pls rate my scene.
made with aseprite, mypaint, godot, blender, gimp, sprytile.
Messy. None of the art styles match. The trees have blurry textures, the ground and house have very different texture resolutions. The pigs are 3D while other characters are 2D. I think the only things I really like are the bench and the light post, but even those have a different art style, they're voxels while nothing else in the scene is voxel. The shadows are flickering, but I assume that's to do with the engine and not the models.
it look shit just like >>624271 said
File: disgusted.jpg (41 KB, 800x450)
41 KB
Desu I saw this in /g/. I like it.

Proof of origin.
Jesus, what a dump

Looks like the blender foundation studios.
you unwrapped the trees wrong also I'm pretty sure that tree texture sucks, just make a base green color, would work better. in general id say your tree is like the biggest downfall of all of this, it doesn't fill up the space correctly and really looks like ass, another problem i see is that the shader sucks peenoir, I don't know if you can change shaders in godot (im imagining thats what you're using), maybe try and render in blender cycled instead? also for the grass take away the weird lighter grass bit, and instead add 2d planes with a transparent texture to act as simple grass, i'm thinking pokemon like, also at the end of your fence whats that weird thing? if it's supposed to be the end of it i'd reccomend making it actual mesh instead of that weird 2d sprite, also also the well look rather odd, maybe you unvrapped it wrong? also also also (last thing) add a skybox and make the camera angle better, it seems to be focusing on the tree for some reason?
also, the fact that the pigs are actual 3d models while every other creature/living thing is 2d makes it odd, also also, every mesh looks to be made in blender while the bench looks voxel like? remake the bench and make it seem more simple to fit the theme, maybe use some wood and metal for it

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