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having issues in maya, trying to make a cable. easiest way is to have it extrude along a curve, but i can't seem to select the curve as well?

select face -> select curve -> extrude is what you're supposed to do apparently
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Install the bonus tools (free on the autodesk website even if you're using a pirated version). It's an installer that does all the work for you.

Once it's done, open maya and you'll get a new bonus tools menu. Select your curve, go to bonus tools, modeling, curve to tube mesh. You can then mess around with the parameters to make the tube thicker, or change the division amount.
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think i managed it?
i had to open the Outliner window, then click the face in my viewport, then ctrl+click the curve in Outliner, and then hit extrude.
god damn autodesk
thanks man, i'll get that too. didn't know about it.

Get 3ds max instead if you want to be a modeler. Maya is still lacking so many things, I only use it for animating and rigging.
>Maya is still lacking so many things
like what things?
That fucking hand

You'd know if you used 3ds max. But here's a few exemples. Pro Boolean, Turbosmooth, slice plane, better selection tools, way more precise with units (in maya if it looks good it's good, it can't be used for proper precision modeling), proper splines, flow and distance connect, and of course, MODIFIERS.

Maya just wasn't built with advanced modeling in mind. Sure it's better than before, but it can't compare with 3ds max and modo.
idk man I'm leaning towards modeling all stuff in zbrush and using maya as supplementary anyway because sculpting just feels much more natural to me
What's wrong with it?

Zbrush can't be used as a main app because it lacks the measurments tools. You should use it for soft surface (characters, food, stuff like that) and to add normal details to hard surface meshes, but proper hard surface should be done in a standard 3d app.
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I started using maya and making products like Mouse and Wine glass using curve.

2 days back i started using Poly Modelling and made this house.

What are some good site where i can find product like Toys , Gadget etc etc model in poly? I tried but failed. Mostly all complex modelling like cars and charactesr comes n search results.
honestly that sounds pretty weird considering everyone here(and all over internets in fact) say max and maya are equally good as first "real" starting package and that they both can do the same stuff, so I picked maya because my first experience was actually with max and it felt clunky af to use(and it hasn't changed judging by the latest student ed max interface I booted up, damn man). I quickly lost interest dealing with that voodoo and 3d in general at that time, went back to traditional art medium. after all these years, maya feels much more fluid for me I actually like it idk purely subjective choice here most probably.
while I'm still starting out I can't really say I understand what things it lacks from max to be a real box modeller. things you said it does, I'm not even sure if I would ever need them.
what are they for? what differs max turbosmooth from maya's subdivision? can hardmesh\crease+ replace proboolean? slice plane? not sure about selection tools and units, not sure what you mean by proper splines and what are improper, what flow\distance connect are for and not sure what's the deal with modifiers and what differs them from nodes.
is there an honest comparison of package capabilities without shilling one side or another somewhere?

you see, part of why I'm still not sold is that I've seen astonishing hard surface works made in both max and maya on artstation, I hope one day I would be able to do the same thing but these works sort of empirically prove that eventually these tools are the same, maybe max users have it "easier" in some form or another.

another pretty solid part is I'm already digging maya for two months and already feel pretty confident inside, losing progress and switching for max(even if I want to cut myself with paper any time I boot it, but if it REALLY is better I will have to at some point) would mighty suck.
That's the way both softwares community try to live together, but it's not really true.
They're kind of even, but for exemple Max is king in pure 3d modeling, thanks to the modifiers that save a lot of time, and the huge variety of plug-ins. Maya is king in animation and rigging.
>Max is king in pure 3d modeling

That would be Modo. Max is powerful but it's a pain to use, to the point that I never use it because I'm getting faster results in both Modo and Maya (which is still great for modeling).
Just keep learning in Maya until you have to use Max for a job or something. If you at the point of being able to do this as a living and a job won't let you use Maya, it won't take that long to adjust (maybe a couple weeks). There are plenty of studios that model in Maya.

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