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How do I make PBR models using blender and photoshop.

can't run designer and painter without my pc crashing and lagging as fuck.

>buy a newer pc
yeah, if you can send it to me retards.
I guarantee it's because you haven't done this yet:


Thank me by not being an alt-right pepe-posting incel foreveralone shit-farmer for the rest of your miserable existence.
I already did that dumbfuck nigger, that's literally the first thing the software told me to do.

It's not like doing that will help me when I have a geforce 8400 gs.
>I have a geforce 8400 gs.
>calls people 'nigger'

You're going to be an unhappy failure for the rest of your life.

Have fun during your inevitable suicide-by-cop.
It will though if windows is restarting your gpu driver. You'll just have to set a ridiculous timeout or disable it completely and be very patient.
also can't you get even an old 5/6/7/800 series for next to nothing?
It lags like shit even with a fucking cube and is unusable for me.
Allegorithmic explicitly state in their own literature that the Painter and Designer viewports will easily support "millions of polygons" without a problem.

If your system was made this side of... let's see... 1991?... and it actually is struggling to throw - according to you - 6 (six) polygons around the viewport, I'd say it's most likely a PEBKAC error.

Give up. Seriously, give up.

I normally make a point of being as kind as possible to people on the internet, but that rule automatically gets waived the moment they post a picture of that fucking frog. Go fuck yourself, OP.
one really cool dude told me on a forum once that everyone should texture at least one asset manually without software crutches at least once to get the *gist* of it and fall into every pit
there's this guy too:

>how do I turn diffuse into albedo
>geforce 8400 gs.

Im sitting on a 1080ti and all i do is fusion 360. Oh and csgo when the boss is out
>Based blendlet
That's why your whole "community" is a failure

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