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Is Turbosquid still the best place to sell stock models or are places like CG Trader catching up?
I'd say CGTrader is ahead already, but take my opinion with a grain of salt, as I am a 3D stock plebeian.

I've seen more deals being struck recently with CGTrader than with Turbosquid. The latter appears to be playing catch-up in prices, with discounts and shit. Its forums don't lack the occasional shitstorm when a discount is implemented and their (exclusive) CheckMate members get fucked hard. There's constant talk of sluggish sales, and non-exclusive members constantly drop by to casually say how they are making more dollars in CGT.

TurboSquid isn't catered towards gamedevs in my opinion, but to archvizzers and such. Big companies go to TS, indies go to CGT. TS eats up royalties in exchange for service and protection of the customer, while CGT has lower royalties due to putting more work on the shoulders of 3D creators.

Also, TS forbids direct communication between buyers and sellers, while CGT encourages it.
I thought CGTrader royalties are higher than TS?

CGTrader advertises 70% while TS bottom tier is 40%.
Yes, I must have explained myself poorly (not a native English speaker); you are correct, CGTrader keeps 30% for themselves, while TS, 60%.

Beware with CGT though, they have a discount program which eats up an additional 30%, so you may end up getting (worst case) only 51% of sales, IIRC.
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Honestly people should be using CGtrader more just so more goes to actual artists. Turbosquid has gotten greedy in the past and has a history of taking credit for other peoples work.
Are these places even profitable? I remember i put up a model on turbosquid, sold like twice then I discovered it was on a pirating website within 3 fucking days.

After that experience I stopped pirating theres just no way to protect ones produce on the internet, especially models and stuff that have no way to be traced.
>i put up a model on turbosquid, sold like twice then I discovered it was on a pirating website
One good thing about TurboSquid, if you had told them, they would have tried hard to crack down on the pirate site.

CGT, on the contrary, seems more lenient about piracy, sadly.

>theres just no way to protect ones produce on the internet
The small fry can pirate under the radar. The money is in big companies who can't afford to pirate.

After all, those who pirate would, in many (and perhaps most) cases, be unable to pay the price of the asset, and thus they do not represent lost money.

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