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you ever make shit with your friends all streaming over discord? max comfy

what are some good collaboration ideas, something a bit more co-operative than "variations on a theme/single prompt"?

[spoiler]also rate who made the best glassware[/spoiler]
>you ever make shit with your friends all streaming over discord?
I don't, because usually I'm not showered and look like dogshit.
u should have hidden your ground plane

>u should have hidden your ground plane
Is this the /3/ version of leaving the fly open?
I really like this premise you got going on. Here's an idea for you.

You each take pictures of yourselves in girls clothes and then share it with each other, after that you take a picture of each of yours dicks. You then send it to the next person in the group. So that not everyone sees your dick, only one person in the group does, you can organize it like person A > B > C > A sort of deal you know. Don't forget to add a home address too.You all then begin modeling each other's dicks and using a 12 fl oz (355 ml) soda can for size reference. Then you start manipulating the model a little. A slight bend. Maybe a twist. Perhaps shrinking it some. Come the end of it, you all share your models to one another and then the first person to complain that they're dick isn't that big, or doesn't look like that, gets the picture of them in a dress sent to their home address. This really only works if you live with family or room mates. As other wise it defeats the purpose. If you live alone go ahead and make it your parents or work places address. It's a great test to see which one of you is the most insecure about your cock size. And also it's really great bonding knowing that everyone has dirt on you from that point on. Ultimately if none of you are insecure. Just take the person who did the worst job and punish him for it. They probably deserve it anyway.

Hope this helps!
Will you be my friend?
No, you just want to see my dick
Well obviously
im not gonna stand for it, ill not allow myself to be sexually harassed

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