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Does anyone else struggle with finding creativity on a regular basis? My job in particular relies on myself alone 'filling the gaps' for clients when they want a 3D model/render created.. many are very vague in their requirements. This provides me with many 'creative problem solving' hurdles on a daily basis. Is this common in this field of work?

I know I shouldn't be bitching because having a job where you can consistently be creative is a dream but sometimes I long for the days when I used to code and the answer to a problem was obvious or easily obtainable.
creativity issue...
there are probably tons of pretty solid papers on the subject, but I'm not a scientist and I personally think it's a sum of all interesting, weird and uncommon you saw before(normies are swallowed by routine so they have to stop looking for these, only kids notice them and we artists HAVE to see them too) and you need to walk around the world with eyes open wide to constantly find new details in common objects, maybe a book or film or even a starfall, or mayflies swarming around something, or interesting rock, a conch... building your own library of millions of details in the process and always on the move from one to another.
then you need to use techniques to actually access all that stored information. there are plenty of them.
I'm not sure how you will translate that to 3dcg because I'm not sure what problems arise to you that require creative approach in solving, but when I'm stuck with simple 2d sketch(these have same fundamentals so I guess you will find a way to adopt them!) I often like to use "chaotic approach" where you scribble things meaninglessly and then look until familiar patterns emerge from mess - since it looks like I have quite a bunch of stuff I never even thought would be memorized inside my brain, this usually happens pretty fast. got this nifty little method from sketching: the basics book and it proved pretty invaluable when I'm stuck with something that requires creativity... basically my subconscious and the "library of weird" I've collected throughout my life does the jerb.

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