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File: 1515697855286.jpg (32 KB, 428x344)
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Is creating and selling 3d porn considered a "dangerous" occupation or are there just way too many haters ?
Explain further
ive heard whispers at my studio about some workers getting "gang stalked" in the parking lot. Its scares one of them particularly
I believe that gangstalked, or having many haters is a form of envy and jealousy.
Creating porn is legit business and you can earn a lot of money from it.
some of my workers are getting upset at the attention, thinking of quitting. Its hard to spoonfeed them just enough to keep working with salaries and all that and then they have to deal with threats on the street from the rl haters
They probably wank to the porn they like to make fun of.

These kind of people are the worst, and should probably be euthanized for the betterment of society.
Investigate, protect your workers, legally destroy the abusers.
File: 141.jpg (140 KB, 660x511)
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140 KB JPG
do any of these guys look sexy to you?
everyone wants to look at sexy people.
watch your material on the most heavily seeded/request dominant boards.
don't shell out freebies unless it's really good.
they have to look so sexy their eyes will just drop you
that usually takes photoshop, an artificial light source based directional on the pupil, and a reflective light shading as a result.

it has to look like light bounces off their eyes and lands on the viewers'.
File: lisa-chan.jpg (45 KB, 606x864)
45 KB
like .ie, lol, this girl is named lisa-chan.
lisa chan's face is ready to capture large amounts of light.
it's her golden milk ratio.
she produces the most milk, at least for me.
: )0
File: christianainruin ascent.jpg (628 KB, 2845x3151)
628 KB
628 KB JPG

the basic idea behind the earlier picture is, the guy on the right resting his hands on rails is an information trafficker, much like myself.
he knows unbelievable amounts about himself, various topics and fields like sports medicine researchers.

the idea is he has an idea, he tries to sell it to the guy who appears in double/triples.
if the guy says yes, he'll buy the idea, then he moves forward through the comic, like an eastern, regular, softer world style comic blurp.
it has four frames or incidences of "idea possibly being bought"
wtf is this thread?
File: csgod2_spawnfloor.png (1013 KB, 1090x478)
1013 KB
1013 KB PNG
so if you look at 141, try to run through the "idea" or comic strip story I came up with, you can see the dudes animate themselves and your eyes will adjust accordingly to the various light/ time warp possibilities.
you can look at the comic strip backwards, for example.

the amount of detail and texture available to draw from just in games is absurd.
this is a csgo texture on low quality graphics card/processor/laptop. it's a Toshiba satellite-quality runner.

bro, look at the texture.
if all 3d game used the same texture csgo did, it'd be absurd.
every moment in those games you could look at the map, and simply using the logic sequence of
>1.does it go left or right?
>2.do i like it or does it like me?
>3.if it moves fast, can i lose sight of it in my peripheral vision?
>??? ^^
> photoshop it
I swear this is some pedo shit, man, I'm out
File: IMG_0322.jpg (1.91 MB, 3264x2448)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB JPG
my bad.
the picture's fake, ftwdubs!

Wait seriously? Unless they are doing CP or some shit I can't imagine hating someone who does 3D porn so much that they get rl stalked and threatened. Why is 3D porn like that?
it started with caution about haters hating 3d porn artist and it turned really fast into a high-on-drugs guy sharing his way of animation by uploading scuffed images
(and sometimes jumping to hentai)
and tries to explain how to perceive those images. Thing he forgot is that we do not have the same drugs as he has, hence his one-sided talk. Shit, I don't even want to ask what he takes.
Do you live in germany or something
What the fuckity fuck. Like, seriously, what the fuck.
Shit got real for two of my best workers, one got wounded by a "fan" and the other is now "in prison" and others are getting threats from the fishes
Go to 4plebs and search "Christian druid" on /x/.
He's the dangers of cough syrup and surrounding yourself with roleplayers.
That's so weird. How do they even know?
I'm thinking this thread is schizophrenia.
Agreed and it is the best quality of spirit issue that I like to observe. Why the fuck are they even on /3/ anyway ...

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