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Hey, I'm looking for someone to help me rig and skin three characters for a student project in maya. I wonder if there is anyone here with some spare time, or if anyone that knows about a forum or site I can ask for help. If its a question about payment I'm willing to discuss that aswell.

The rigging and skinning part is not the focus of the assignment, I just need it done to start the actual animation project, but as I am working alone Im desperet for some help with the rigging and skinning part. I do not have time to do it all by myself before deadline.

(pic is a quick render of one of the characters)

Hoping for some positive feedback, thanks.
Get a good animation rig from the internet, then skin your models to it. That's one way to do it without rigging.
Use auto weights as an starting point, the rest of the skinning should be easy and not that time-consuming.
Lots of tutorials about that last part on youtube.
Use QuickRig, add the bones on the hands, add the controller, done. Faster than waiting for someone to pick up the call, unless you pay good money, standard humanoid are boring AF to rig.
Post a wireframe too.

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