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File: Habitacion 02.jpg (1.51 MB, 2000x1348)
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How do you see this work guys? lets share some tips
The bed sheets are looking very polygonal.

The wall texture is pretty low resolution.

Some tiling on the floor texture, would be better to have the floorboards staggered and not in such a regular pattern.

The ceramic tiles need proper roughness/specularity maps. Also they need to be lined up so they fit right up to the edges of the recessed area in which they are placed. It would be difficult as a home decorator to install all that tiling if you had to cut the edges off all the edge tiles

Kitchen needs a sink or some other kind of stuff
There is something wrong with the dimensions of the door, it looks way off. Perhaps your handle is too big.
Regarding the handle, fix whatever material you have on there, its way too powerful and drawing too much vision to the weird door
The quality of your rug is noticeably lower than all adjacent things making it stand out
As other anon said, your bed sheets fold weird and the polygons are too visible.

What is the purpose of the shot? Normally, you want to show off the best parts and take a picture from the door looking to what the view will be, as thats what people who buy places want.
archvis fag here
Surprised you overlooked how the carpet looks like a '90s hair simulation.
Just letting you know, you can make changes accoding the other anons here but keep in mind if you show your work to 10 people and all 10 people say something different that is an issue, than it is fine. If some of them point out the same thing than you must work on it. Thing is, people here can read the other guys answers and will look out for an issue that hasn't been mentioned. Therefore I say fix the issues that are mentioned here and then show your new version singular to different people, most likely outside channel4
No one would hang binoculars with the optics banging into the wall like that. Put them on the table, and while you're at it, choose a table design that has legs. I realize that it could be attached to the wall, but it just looks floaty right now.

Also put a very subtle (<1cm) displacement randomization on the surfaces like walls ceiling, floor.

Plant is intersecting the wall.

Ceiling light fixtures should be flush, not protruding.

Texture scale on the blue wall is off, should be about 50% of current scale judging from the bump map
-The room looks dark and dirty, get rid of AO or reduce it.
-would you want to spend time in this room?
-Carpet looks bad, watch some hair tutorials
-Handle is too big and very bright
-The camera is odd. Seems too high?
-The mirror is either very dirty or not working correctly PLUS mirrors show shit you might not want the viewer to see,careful.
-turn around and show the window and the outsides, it's more pleasant to look at than a dark wall and a door.
>the mirror

reckon that's a hdtv m8

k, makes sense
>lel mirror

don't mock him too hard savage.
you know i think design is personal but the skilll / techniques used should be shared. :D
why even bother when you can use models of actual products in software for interior designers like intericad and get better results with less effort?
Can I be the guy that just says ArchViz is fucking easy? Can I be that guy?
Why do I say that? Because, beyond the stages of interpreting architect's drawings and working out where you're putting the camera... it's kinda just... I dunno, like... assembling Lego or something?
Everything's there for you to use; models, textures, HDRI's - you just pull stuff off a shelf and put it in the space and make it look.... nice?
That's all it is - making a place that looks.... nice.
Not scary, not alien, not unfamiliar in any way, just.... nice.

Making a place that looks nice and tidy and clean and new and nicely lit is really, *really*, *REALLY* not hard.

I don't get why ArchViz is such a big deal. It just seems like an entire artform where you're just like... picking presets.
Nearly 100% of the models in this scene are from elsewhere. The furniture, plants, boxes.... everything... it's all just free shit from 3DSky and places like that.
The bed is just stolen straight out of this tutorial on Pluralsight:


It's just... bullshit. All of it. It's just downloading stuff from all over the place, sticking it in front of a VRay camera and expecting people to be impressed.

Sorry but, no. Just no.
I think of ArchViz as synthetic photography.

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