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Blender users:
> The tool you use doesn't really matter. Autodesk software is perfectly fine, I just prefer Blender. Skills largely transfer anyways.
Autodesk users with actual skill:
> The tool you use doesn't really matter. Blender is perfectly fine, I just use Autodesk because it's what the company I work at uses. Skills largely transfer anyways.
NEET Autocucks:

Is there an easier way to identify a sad and lonely neet who doesn't understand topology?
>t. blendlet
Who keeps spamming that blendlet shit? Blendlet would mean his blender skills are laughable
>I'm afraid that I'll start liking dicks
I already suck big donkey dick, try harder faggot.
actually, I only looked at the image )
my bad
But that is simply not the truth, Anon.
In most cases (lets say 95%) the tool doesn't matter, but if you are in the business and you aren't prepared for the other 5% you will lose money and customers (maybe forever) because of one mistake you made.

Then there are the special cases where software DOES matter in 100% of all cases. Like large scale high resolution gas/fluid VFX for Movies or Advertising.

Then there are cases where the customer dictates the tools for whatever reason. It might be stupid and wrong, but the customer is always right.

Then there are cases where you have to work with other people in a pipeline who already did large amounts of work and your job is to build on top of it.


3D software is not equal. Tools DO matter, maybe not all the time, but when it counts you better be ready.

t.Maya, Blender,C4d user
Whoever say that tools don't matter has never done anything in his life. To have the right tools is mandatory if you are or want to be a professional in any field. ANY FIELD.
Blender is not the right tool, it isn't even a tool, it's a collection of bugs, broken features and cultism.
I'm more referring to amateur/hobby work in this baitpost. Cycles and Blender's inbuilt simulation are capable but not really commercial quality. Cycles maybe if you really know your way around it, but the simulation has a really distinct look to it that I can see from a mile away.
In terms of anything before the final step, Blender is capable though. It's pipeline is pretty ass, Maya has better rigging and animation tools, etc, but for the average hobbyist/amateur/absolute beginner, it's a free way to start learning skills that about 95% will transfer over if you ever decide to switch.
I would even argue there's some stuff that blender can straight up do better. In my OPINION, it has the best workflow in the actual program. As previously mentioned, the pipeline sucks ass. There's also some (paid) plugins that are absolutely god tier like hardops and decal machine that make hard surface modeling a breeze.
Anyways though, you're completely right. The OP was more to bait idiots like >>622610

You know I gotta do it though:
>le reddit spacing
It's still the truth. A good artist will be able to quickly pick up a new tool when required.
Cool story bro.
I know I'm replying to a baitpost, but...
>but the simulation has a really distinct look to it that I can see from a mile away.
Honestly, being a guy who wants to know the process behind effects in movies, I can also tell when fluid sims were done in programs like Houdini. Every program's got their special quirks. So if you have a good eye, you can tell when something is done in Maya/Blender/Houdini/C4D/Lightwave/whatever.

Especially Blender and LW.
I still haven't seen a believable water simulation done in Blender. (I would love to.)

Blender sims are distinct in its own way, but it's a very bad way.

People with actual skill
>Why would I spend time bitching on a shitty board when I could get stuff done instead?
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