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What sort of lighting do you need to achieve this sort of highlight while rendering a flat sheet of glass that is parallel to the camera? Is it just photoshop bullshit, or is this achievable in some physically accurate way? Note that the highlights around the edge are completely uniform, indicating that the rest of the lighting rig is symmetrical, yet there's that one prominent accent to sell the fact that it's a glossy surface.
big emissive square on top to create the highlight on the glossy surface as well as neutral white lighting all around
It is doable, using a big soft box maybe in combination with a gobo to cut the light into the correct shape. The only thing that's needed is the highlight, so the level of power from this light shouldn't be strong enough to actually influence anything else.
Of course it goes without saying that a lot of Photoshop is used no matter what, and it's not outside the realm of possibility that the image could be a composite of multiple exposures blended together after the fact, so that the level of illumination from each source can be fine tuned, similar to 3D rendering, where lighting layers can be used with compositing software.
For example, you can only see two reflections in the lenses of the camera module, so it could very well have been deliberately shot and blended in that way for the sole purpose of getting a nice reflection off the lens.

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