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New to Maya, and 3D modeling in general.

I plan on doing tutorials and practice modeling random shit every day for like 3 or 4 hours to improve.

How much do you think I can do in 4 months? Where am I most likely to end up?
That's very hard to say. It mostly depends on how fast of a learner you are. It can also depend on your resources, i.e. whether the tutorials you follow are effective and get to the point with brevity. Given the scope of 3D modelling as well, it becomes even harder to predict. Are you focusing on hard-surface? Organics? Environment art? There's all the different aspects you have to consider. Even skills typically outside of 3D are necessary in 3D, for example if you're looking at making nice renders, you'll need pointers in composition and color theory. But 3-4 hours every day for 4 months should be enough to kick you out into a decent position; that's close to 500 hours of 3D experience. Don't expect to be making Artstation-tier insanity, but you should be able to manifest what you envision in a satisfactory manner in that period of time. Good luck with the climb!
Hey, thanks anon! I appreciate your thoughts. My main goal is to make a decent-looking human model, one with a few animations, such as walking.

My other goal is to create a beautiful NY scene, maybe a back alley at night or something. Raining, with some jazz players in the back, something like that.

So I guess environment art/organics/hard-surface is what I would need to study up on. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I am very willing to make this climb!

But again, thanks for the advice!
Your main goal should be achievable in these 4 months, depending on how you define "human model" (i.e. realistic human or stylised animu, that kinda thing). Your other goal may be a bit out of reach since it's quite a different scope from your main goal. I recommend you specialise in or at least work up one category (in your main goal's case that would be organics) until you're satisfied with what you can do, before tackling the other aspects of 3D. There is a reason why you see most character artists, both 2D and 3D, having plain/gradient backgrounds, because while they can do characters, doing backgrounds is a completely different field.
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Ah, I see. Then, I'll focus on the character model. I wanted to go for a realistic-human model, ala Street Fighter/Tekken (pic related). It's really good model.
For character modeling I would suggest you also take a look at ZBrush, it's harder to get into initially than traditional 3D software, but the payoff is also much higher if you do get a handle on it. It's also an all round good bit of software to know even if you have no interest in sculpting, as it can greatly enhance any workflow when it comes to handling complex meshes and high detail.
One of they key issues of tradional modeling is that you're always fighting against having to maintain proper modeling technique as you're trying to key in the overall shape at the same time, and what might happen is that you will ultimately screw up both.
With ZBrush you get rid of one of these factors entirely as it does not care for topology, you can refine and dynamically remesh the model as you work on the shape. You can start with a plain sphere and end up with a complete human by the end.
After you're done sculpting, then you can import to Maya and build a lower-detail mesh over it, this time doing the opposite and only focusing on maintaining good topology.
>harder to get into initially than traditional 3D software
Not sure if memeing or serious, kek.
the interface is absolute wank

Being a brainlet.

Zbrush is easy, anatomy is hard.


Good luck with that. 4 months would not even get you good at faces.

You need to sacrifice years to Marduk to become decent at character art.
>Zbrush is easy
yea though its still one of the most fucked up software/ui you will ever encounter
becoming accustomed to it is fucking painful
It takes at most a couple days to be good at modelling faces if you arent an idiot.
>Dunning-Kruger: The Post.
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Get out.

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