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Guess Im going to try asking this here instead of other boards
>I work as an architect and Im constantly studying new software.
>I want to create a first person game all by my own
>Very competent as a env artist, know how to create props, photogrammetry, retopo, texturing, basic c++ (enough for the kind of game I want to create), UI and such
>Recently started to learn zbrush but I dont have enough time and I want to get better

The issue here is Im doing all these things by my own, so I dont feel like I could create human models, rig and animate them. I did that in the past and Im not very good with that -not something for selling-
Tried 3dscan store but Im losing more time on that than anything else.

- Do you think its possible to create a decent game without any npc/realistic human animations/interactions?
- Do you know any examples of that? Even walking simulators or ways for "cheating" and create the illusion theres someone there?
- Using static poses could work too -See that P.T. demo, the ghost barely moves, just shakes very quickly-
- Theres always the option to create a 2D drawing/image, something like a visual novel but in a 3D environment
What kind of game are you making, i assume its a puzzle game or exploring type since you dont need characters to be in place
Its more like a exploration / walking simulator game and puzzle like those old graphic adventues with an inventory and such.
Make it first person, make enemies with makehuman.org and just slightly modify them, make them ride these things so they don't have to animate too much
Its going to be first person, Im still wondering if Im going to use a dummy, or at least use models for showing your hands when opening doors or interacting with objects

I guess using very basic human models would make the game a lot amateur
Holy shit that render is technically magnificent, where can I find more, please?
>- Do you know any examples of that? Even walking simulators or ways for "cheating" and create the illusion theres someone there?
Consider "The Talos Principle" (big scope) or "The Stanley Parable" (indie scope).

I've only seen it done in psychological horror games.

You should follow his advice. Biggest drawback is characters are a big hook, without that you miss a huge hook. I would watch the video and go into design first before even opening Unity3D or Unreal.

You should also look at armour, for example dark souls has a limited armour set and you never really see the characters as they are in armour. I would do this personally, but I'm currently going the patreon monster girl route for money.

I would not waste any time with 3d characters. Its a huge time sink. I only gotten decent at it lately and I've been doing characters for three years and had training by some of the best people in character art. Even the face will take months of study, its insane how a small thing can make a face look bad.
>I would not waste any time with 3d characters
>Even the face will take months of study, its insane how a small thing can make a face look bad.
As someone looking into starting character sculpting, that's, uh, pretty intimidating to read. Do you mean realistic human faces, or will even dumb stylised cartoony artstyles like let's say the Fortnite artstyle take forever to nail down in an aesthetically pleasing manner?
File: bigshape.jpg (333 KB, 700x518)
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They are about the same to be honest. The mistakes people make are the big shapes.

Not putting eyes in the middle of skull, incorrect eye shape placement, incorrect shape of zygomatic bone.

Realistic human faces don't matter that much. If you watch Frank Tzeng https://gumroad.com/frank_tzeng_art he works really low poly until the end.

Either way good luck.
If you are an absolute beginner with no art training whatsoever then i would expect that this is true.
You think you can jump right into character design?
Months might not cut it, several years to get gud is nothing unheard of.
OP here

Artist is kuki0404_10kg on artstation, he is a japanese artist who is currently working on platinum games

I know this, I can model 'decent' characters, learnt a good workflow with lots of tools and even after all that time, I find myself in the point where its not really something to be sold.
Theres always more work, and Im not even talking about animations.
Now I left max and started working on zbrush (I only used it for adding detail to my meshes and props, you know the typical stuff)

I know if I want to create a game, theres always the important part about characters, voices or giving them a personality, specially.

I used to post my drawings on /ic/, and filling requests on other boards and I know what people want -more or less- (Not really aiming for furry or monster girls for the moment)

You know people whats the biggest problem out of all this? Not time, not studying all these software, not having to deal with constant updates and changing the workflow you've been learning for years, the biggest problem is working alone at home as a freelance after your gf has left you because she "doesn't understand" this work and she doesnt take it seriously. Sorry for the offtopic, I know this isnt /adv/, but there are bad days
File: kay-cho-ez.jpg (92 KB, 569x836)
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forgot to attach picture
Thanks, mate.

>she "doesn't understand" this work
Indeed she doesn't. May sound trite, but you don't want someone like that in your life. Push ahead.
If you can draw faces it will bring over to 3d, just need to get comfo with the tools

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