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File: test_fuego (1).webm (1.21 MB, 1280x720)
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Hi guys! I been working on a short film for like 2 years (on and off on my free time).
It's kind of creepy so I though you guys might like it.
Here is the trailer link
vimeo com /267127176
Any thoughts?
I like it, but I'm curious why it took so long.
Hey! Well. There's several reasons.
First one is that it was a learning process for me. I didn't know how to do most things on the beginning, and each 3d technique takes a while to pick up. I'm making it on my own, so every little detail means some hours. I work on it when I come back from work, so sometimes I'm tired or stress and I rather play some video games, hehe.
Sometimes I took weeks without touching it. Only now I really got focused on it enough to use all my free time.
It's an habit that you need to build.
File: Screenshot_2.jpg (211 KB, 1086x540)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
pretty neat, my dude. minor things:
- you have a glitch in your edit (pic-related)
- i would've let some of those shots breathe a bit more
- the dof on the opening shot is a little much imo

cool aesthetics tho.
Yo. Thank you.
It meant to be a transition effect but I agree it might look a bit shit.
I will look into it.
File: 1523889940272.jpg (43 KB, 480x635)
43 KB
impressive work, anon!
I'm loving it!
Looking really good, well done.
Great job op hope you take this a step further and enter into some festivals.
Sony pictures world animation fest is nov. Ive eatched a few last year and this will easily beat out the majority.
Is that looping smoke effects how did you do that
Thank you all very much!!
I hope you are right about beating others in the festivals haha.
About the smoke, is not a loop. Maybe i picked a very fortunate frame!

You know what. THis could be the engine of a game instead of a video.

Like, an horror game where only the cube where your character is gets renderized like it was in your video. From there, you can play with the players head usng sound cues and shit.


I must admit the only thing that is not up in quality to the rest is the shadows that the dead horse casts in the ground.

It's too dark, too fast and without any kind of transition from one shadow to the other. Plus the lack of gradient between them
it looks like it could be a video game.
Hey. Thank you for your critics and your kind words.
I'll look into that for the final piece.

It could be a video game. You are right. In fact I though about making it be 3D, but as I'm doing it in my own with my laptop, its a bit out of my resources.
I'm keen to finish this one to start trying to make another piece using this kind of technology. Real time Render and vr.
I found you on Facebook. I'm going to tell your family you're gay.
I found you on Facebook. I'm going to tell your dog you have sex with your dad.
No need, just tell them he uses Blender.
That's rad man but release your next one quicker.

Average released work > Perfect unreleased work

I don't know what your goals are but keep it up!
The alf poster was a bit distracting

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