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Is their a way to somehow re adjust the texture on a UV map perfectly to the exact position of the original character? I have ripped a model from a game

and I was wondering if I could place the textures exactly how it used to be and not slightly misplaced.

With her face unwrapped it looks like she should be making angry posts on Tumblr that the guy at the grocery store assumed her gender.
I think it's cool that the transparency mask for the hair is on the same map as the albedo.
To answer your question, can't you just keep the UVs as they are, and edit the texture maps?

With that hair, clothes and tats she looks like one even without unwrapping.
Well yeah, if you can rip the spatial coordinates you can rip the texture coordinates. Whatever method did you use to rip that shit, that you didn't get the UVs with it?
How do artists texture faces like that? Surely they can't envisage a face all flattened out like that.
Do they texture right onto the model? Or is it some weird technique they learn to paint squished out flat faces and shiet?
they are 2D artists that made a transition.
you can tell who is a former 2D artist based on how he textures.
im not saying starting 3D artists can't get to that level. but you can clearly see the level of expertise former 2D artists bring to the table
how do you think they did it before all those fancy paint-on-model apps appeared
with great pain in the arse thats how
OP here I don't know if I phrased the question right. Here is an example

I want to place the texture of solid snakes glove perfectly correct to the game. Not slightly tilted clockwise or anything, Just perfectly angled.

I used ninja ripper to get the game model and the textures are separated from the model.I now have to manually place them back. I want to place it perfectly like the original model
but why continue to do it now when you don't have to?
So, just readjusting the UV maps? Pretty much every 3D program supporting UV unwrapping allows you to do that.
File: not real size.png (501 KB, 582x693)
501 KB
501 KB PNG
Maybe this image of the example will explain everything then just me using my poor English.

Basically the first image is of an eyeball from a video game. But it is not the actual correct model size of the character. The second image i will post is the actual correct size.

I want to make a model of a character not exactly have the correct size. But be placed at the right angle identical to the games model.
File: actualsize.png (348 KB, 519x542)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
Yeah, it looks like you pretty much want to adjust the UV maps. What program are you using? Look up UV unwrapping in that program, because it typically comes with tips on how to adjust your UV map to align with your texture. You can scale, rotate and move the UV islands to match the texture map.
I am using blender to put the textures on my model, and using noesies for a comparison of the original model

Also thank you if thats what I was referring to. I will study UV unwrapping and hope I can find a good way to measure perfect angles on models
These pics of unwrapped characters made me think of an idea for a horror movie.

An aspiring 3D artist gets a junior character artist position at a major studio. He's incredibly happy, but eventually it turns out that all he ever has to do is unwrap some assholes model, instead of getting to use his zBrush skills. Eventually, the asshole steals the artists girl, causing him to snap and turn into.. The Unwrapper.
The Unwrapper kidnaps his victims and literally unwraps and layouts their skin in real life. A strong police womyn is investigating this new murder streak, and since our aspiring 3D artists knows all about unwrapping, he is asked to help her catch The Unwrapper...
File: tenor.gif (1.11 MB, 420x280)
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1.11 MB GIF
Its called UV mapping, and after you paint your model it automatically creates maps flr you in the end anyway.

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