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I need to design a piece of machinery for a uni project (I can give details if anyone is interested)
Unfortunately, no such class is taught. Given that beyond trying (and failing) to get started a bit on blender to try modding Skyrim, I have 0 experience with 3d modelling whatsoever.
Though the subject interests me, I don't want any in-depth knowledge right now, I can't afford the time. What would be the best program for such a feat?
Random google image for OP
what kind of machinery are we talking? how complex?
File: file.png (161 KB, 567x372)
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Pretty simple, I think. Basically a sludge scraper, only instead of rotating on an axis, it travels along a parallelogram and instead of scraping the bottom, it scrapes the sides of vertical panels in the pond (parallelogram)
File: file.png (2.54 MB, 1654x2007)
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2.54 MB PNG
The pond itself would be like a large scale version of this, slightly taller but thousands of times longer and wider. The scraper will have to be almost 30 meters in length
File: render.webm (1.89 MB, 1920x1400)
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1.89 MB WEBM
sorry, dude. i wouldn't know where to start.
I'm not begging for my work done for me, neither for tips on how to actually design the thing. I'm just asking if there is a more noob-friendly program I could use.
That gif comes pretty close to what I had in mind though.
i'm only shitposting. sketchup is free and is meant to be pretty straightforward.
File: ok....png (632 KB, 664x776)
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I'll check it out, thanks
Fusion 360. There are many good tutorials on the new for it. It's pretty simple to learn the basica if you spend an evening and focus exclusively on it

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