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Does anyone know where I can find 3d model files for mgsv? I need to use them in unity and blender (or whatever anim software ) (probably .obj or fbx).

Should I just get them from sfm workshops (.mdl) and then try to convert them or are there non-sfm downloadable somewhere?

Anyone got some tips. Otherwise ill have to it the convoluted way: https://github.com/BobDoleOwndU/FMDL-Studio-v2/wiki/Setting-up-Fmdl-Studio-v2

The fmdl solution is a bitch to do, so I'll try it if there aren't easier methods (i'm downloading mgsv [damn it's big] as im typing [read: shitposting])
since you have the game, just use ninja ripper my dude. it's gonna rip _everything_ that was in the scene, since it straight up takes the data being sent to your graphics card, so you're going to have to sift through all the data. but it'll be the faithful in-game models.
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Where to find models: yobi3d, deviantart (#xps, #xnalara, #model_release, Resources & Stock Images -> 3D Models), t3dm (I think it's called something else now), sketchfab, themodelsresource

.mdl is a chore to import into Blender, you need to use Crowbar and then the other program to extract the .tga textures but it's not *too* bad; if you can get the SFML file in .smd (pretty common on The Models Resource) that's easy to import

NinjaRipper is great if it's a game model no one has ripped yet and you're a porn artist and you want to be the first to get your shit out there, OR if you're ripping low / low-ish poly models off a sketchfab / marmoset viewer type site.
If you're ripping a game model or other high poly model, it's going to make a gigantic mess that you need to hand cleanup over the course of hours or days; well worth it if no one's already done it and you're doing it as a career.

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