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I know absolutely nothing about 3D modeling and want to learn. where should I start?
model a bagel
how and using which software?
do you know what edges, faces and vertices are?
if you want a general 3D education, then just go Blender Guru series on YT and make ya donut with free software. If you just want to sculpt baddies with insane musculature like yr pic then just go straight to zbrush
didn't even notice that, thanks
How about texturing?
Substance painter isn't bad, you can use many sculpting applications with built in editors such as mudbox or Zbrush but it depends on what you're working with personally and to what detail you're aiming for. That being said, consider that materials and textures and separate things you need to learn about before reaching that road. Like anon said though, check the FAQ
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download blender
follow one to five basic/shorter tutorials on yt just to learn basic controls and workflow
when you done with those make each of these on your own:
simple car
simple house
learn how to use mirror modifier
simple rat
simple cow
simple elephant
simple dog
a boot
leg without boot
entire leg
simple hand with mitten fingers
entire arm
simple head
connect 5 above into single entity
build on that for some time and add detail like fingers, nose, ears and eye sockets
search on yt: "Mushroom Modeling, Unwrapping and Texture painting workflow in Blender" just so you can learn about textures
then starts playing in zbrush
learn about repotology
then you can decide if you wnt to stick with blender (or 3D modelling as a whole) or spend money on other options
Download a student copy of Maya, do a beginner tutorial series off CGPersia
Blender is not where you begin, it's where you end up after its community leads you failure after failure. With a donut in one hand and broken dreams in the other. Don't fall for the Blender cult.


Go to the last video and work your way to the top. This will get you acquainted with 3D concepts before choosing a program.
Lynda's beginner tutorial is also pretty good, and even youtube has some decent content
Haha beautifully written. Just get Maya kids unless it's something it can't do specifically or you want a particular bespoke effect- they've either bought out or will buy the software sooner or later.
>With a donut in one hand and broken dreams in the other.

kek that's amazing

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