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Hey /3/ kinda got a bit of an inquiry. How much do you charge for work/labour with freelance jobs?

It's not the most complicated gig in the world but depending on how many things I throw into the thing it could take considerably longer. It's basically a camera pull through their logo with a bunch of particle effects for the transition and some snapping animation of a few 3d elements before just presenting the current logo.

Something like the Ubisoft one for example. Should only be about 10 seconds long but I'm also paying a percentage to the guy that got me the job. Though there's bigger paid stuff in the future depending on how this comes out.
9001 €/hr.
Depends on who's making the commission. If it's a small/indie studio then I charge low. If it's a AAA studio or another major client then I charge higher.
Lol, you can't all be NEETs.

Well it's for a small production company, I mean- the guy makes money. Not extremely well but they do alright. They have the gear for film work and have done commercials, documentaries etc. but they don't really do anything too heavily on the software side besides editing and light overlayed effects (some cgi that has been outsourced).

However the guy wants to expand into animation a little and has some other more complex projects along the pipeline if it's any good. Luckily for me longer jobs just mean more pay that being said. This is what seems a first impression to more work and I don't want to charge to highly. That being said, it is basically the representation of a cinematic or soon-to-be grade production company so it has to be of a decent standard.
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>getting commissioned by AAA studios
This guy has a point. That being said- they aren't the worst I've seen in the game. Think I settled on about £200-300. We'll see how it goes.
If by AAA he means some european car insurance company, then yeah; there are people like that on /3/ and they pay well. They have money, it's all being written off and is someone else's money, and it costs them more money in hours wasted to shop around than to just "over pay".
Hm, that's a good point. Like you said most of the jobs and money is outsourced or funded so it's not like they can't afford it. I guess the more professional they want to present themselves the more they have to pay for quality or to just not search for someone else that can be bothered to do it.
i ask for about 30$ for each asset depends on the complexity
environment assets are cheap so i don't make much money if any. i just freelance when opportunity arise
Well I've pretty much worked out what I'm throwing in there. Though they want it to 'meld' with the current 2D logo so i'm just transitioning a matchcut. But we got an ink dispersal of particles, a whispy light tornado effect and some lighting with the exception of a few moving modeled assets there's not much solid models. Mostly just flashy they're after really then a cut to a plain black on white or vice versa.
vfx is something else, you could charge up to a few hundred dollars depending on how fancy it is
Yeah that's what I'm thinking, and as it stands they don't have a go to effect artist nor 3D animator so I could stand to make quite a bit from them and vice versa.

A few hundred seems reasonable for the amount of 'work'. I mean it's not so difficult but I'm just going to be tweaking fucking sliders for hours mostly. Guessing it'll be a few days minimum to get it done but that should be a decent pay considering. Dunno what they're like for time but I'll be showing him what I've got tomorrow anyway so I'll find out then.

I'm just using a plain background for it though, as they're a film company primarily it'll just be easier to use.
Think of how long it will take an expert to do the job and multiply that by a reasonable hourly fee.

I'd go with 200-400 € by the looks of it.

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