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>be me
>legitimate Maya license being paid for by studio
>mostly working remotely, license has my details on it
>start getting "courtesy calls" from Autodesk
>half of them are from people with heavy Asian accents that I can barely understand
>keep trying to tell them to stop calling but the calls keep coming
>they're trying to sell me shit and convince me to attend seminars
>calls are coming in the dead of the fucking night now

Keep up that whole "pirating autodesk software" thing for as long as you can imho
WTF is that bullshit? Is that actually real?
Next time they call, start repeating "Blenduh" like a full-blown retard.
I don't know if they do it to everyone but they're definitely doing it to me.
tell them you are one of roosendaal witnesses
I'm here to culturally enrich you senpai
>Indians and Begalis
Only in your wildest fever dreams
File: tech supp boss.jpg (35 KB, 465x493)
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It hasn't even begun.
that has a nice ring to it
can't you block the number? or turn it off when you go to bed
I like the cel-shaded PBR HDR 1080p shader you've used there.
Their countries are classified as part of "asia", ergo they are technically "asian". Read a book nigger.
Which continent is India part of?
When ever I get unwanted calls I always say I need them to take a quick survey before I can be authorized to answer any of their queries and then jerk them along for awhile. Whenever they try to move things to their sales pitch I say, "just a few more questions and we'll be good to go".

Unless of course if I'm busy then I just hang up on them.
Yes, but when people thiink of Asians their first thought isn't Indians. It's misleading
>Which continent is India part of?
>pajeet can't english
Piss off, ESL peasant.
say it to me bitch basterd

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