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I want to unwrap this cactus. I made a displacement map for the bumps but I'm not sure how to unwrap it so that the displacement stays straight and all the ribs of the cactus meet at the top of the stalk. Any help is greatly appreciated. Doesn't matter what software you use. I can get the ribs running straight vertical but can't get it to meet at the center at the top.
File: CactusDisplace2.png (74 KB, 2048x2048)
74 KB
3 separate objects BTW
The texture is just for testing also.
Is there an alternate way of modelling or texturing this? I really wanted to make displacement texture match color and roughness ect but if it would be better to actually model it I can work with that.
use vertex colors
For the displacement? You mean I paint it on or something? Sorry, I'd like to believe I'm decent at most concepts but vertex colors isn't something I'm heaps familiar with. Know what they are but never used em
unwrap it before subdividing it and applying the displacement map, obviously.
I did that. The problem is getting the vertical lines in the displacement map to all meet at the center of the top of the cactus.
This seems like one of those rare instances where you actually want something to end on a pole. Get rid of the quad caps on it and make all the poly rows converge to a single vertex.
That's exactly how I imagine it to work. I posted a dumb picture that shows the displacement all curvy but I can actually get it all to be perfectly straight, it's just when it meets the top I can't get the UVs/texture to converge into the center. I think I'm unwrapping it wrong.
Here are 2 ways I've tried unwrapping it, I didn't fix anything I just pressed unwrap to show some examples. Am I missing something obvious. Just can't get those ribbed bits to flow into the center at the top. I don't care how the top looks, I know it will be a bit warped. I just need it to meet there at least.
File: 333.png (46 KB, 453x874)
46 KB
also this
You might wanna try unwrapping by following active quads. It's how they do sphere unwraps for equirectangular maps (planet maps and all).
Yeah I thought of that. I'll have to brush up on how to use it properly but wouldn't it be similar to >>621004 just a bit cleaner?
Nope. You'll get a rectangular grid map if done correctly. That gets things to converge directly at the poles, getting the result you're looking for.
Okay thank you so much. I had tried to unwrap following active quads before but must have done something wrong. So should the pole be triangles?
I'm trying it now and I'm not sure where to put the seams to make it work how you're saying.
sometimes when I do it the triangles just disconnect and it unwraps all the quads nice and leaves the triangles where they were.

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